The Ending Of Bleach Manga Explained

The manga and anime series Bleach has achieved widespread popularity worldwide, captivating millions of fans. One of the most captivating elements of the series is its combat system, featuring well-crafted and expertly choreographed fight scenes. The series also shines with its well-developed characters and visually appealing designs, all thanks to Tite Kubo, the creator of the Bleach manga, who concluded the series a few years ago.

While the manga has concluded, the anime is still ongoing, currently exploring the highly anticipated Thousand Year Blood War Arc. This arc is of particular interest to fans as it prominently features the primary antagonist, Yhwach.

Given that the manga ended in 2016, now is an opportune time to revisit its conclusion. As with many shonen titles, the series culminates in an epic showdown between Ichigo and Yhwach, making it one of the most significant fights in the series.

Bleach Manga: A Recap Of The Battle Yhwach Vs Ichigo


In the climactic final battle, Yhwach unveiled a revelation about his Almighty power, which had a profound impact on Ichigo Kurosaki’s understanding. The Almighty granted Yhwach the ability to foresee and alter the future according to his desires. During the fight, Ichigo’s Bankai was shattered, and Yhwach absorbed his Hollow and Quincy powers. Not stopping there, Yhwach proceeded to eliminate Jugram Haschwalth and Gerard Valkyrie. Despite Orihime’s efforts, she couldn’t restore the Tensa Zangetsu to its original state.

A significant twist occurred when Shukuro Tsukishima, a Fullbringer, stabbed Ichigo’s shoulder with the Book of the End. This was done to enable Orihime to resurrect the Tensa Zangetsu. Shukuro’s unique ability involved inserting himself into people’s histories, unlike Yhwach’s manipulation of the future with The Almighty. By altering the past and preventing the Tensa Zangetsu from being broken, Orihime was able to use her Soten Kisshun to revive Ichigo’s sword.

With Ichigo’s spirit and Tensa Zangetsu restored the intense battle in the Bleach series continued. Aizen joined forces with Ichigo, and together they nearly broke the Tensa Zangetsu, creating an opening for Ichigo to use his powerful Getsuga Tensho to defeat Yhwach. However, Yhwach invoked The Almighty, a formidable technique, and resurrected himself, making things grim for Ichigo.


Yhwach revealed that his power to rewrite the future allowed him to also rewrite his own death. However, an unexpected turn of events took place when Uryu Ishida struck Yhwach with an arrowhead made of Still Silver, which nullified his powers upon contact with his blood. Seizing the opportunity, Ichigo attacked Yhwach, who attempted to fully break the Tensa Zangetsu. To his astonishment, the seemingly weakened white-colored sword was a deception, and Ichigo’s Shikai was in perfect condition, leading to a thrilling twist in the battle.

Final Thoughts

In the conclusion of Bleach, the protagonist Ichigo managed to defeat and kill Yhwach, the main antagonist. As Yhwach faced his final moments, he realized that the vision he had seen earlier from Jugram Haschwalth was not merely a vision but a glimpse of his own future.

Yhwach’s ambitious plan to merge all realms into one ultimately failed, and he came to accept his fate. The manga then wrapped up with meaningful interactions between the main characters and the secondary protagonists. Additionally, readers were given a glimpse of Ichigo and Orihime’s son, Kazui Kurosaki.

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