The following chapter will confirm Boruto Timeskip

Fans of the Boruto series have been waiting a long time for the Timeskip. However, the fans went crazy online after a leak bolstered their belief that the upcoming chapter will feature a Boruto Timeskip. After Boruto Chapter 80 was released on April 20, 2023, the manga went on a three-month sabbatical.

The publication date for Boruto Chapter 81 is set for August 20, 2023. Since the manga went on pause, fans have speculated extensively. Timeskip was one of them added. It would be a major plot element for the series if the Boruto Timeskip happened in the following chapter.

Boruto Timeskip may appear in the future issue, according to the cover

The cover of the next issue, which announces the conclusion of Boruto Part 1, is among the evidence suggesting the Boruto Timeskip will occur in the following chapter. All the events and particles pointed to the time jump, which fans have suspected since the end of Boruto chapter 80. As a result, readers have begun theorizing about a wide variety of potential plot points for the next chapter, including the death of Naruto and Hinata, Kakashi’s return as Hokage, and many others.

Fans of the Boruto manga were taken aback by a major plot twist in the most recent chapters (particularly chapters 79 and 80). All of this has built up the events in the Boruto manga that would eventually lead up to the time jump.

In chapter 79 of Boruto, readers saw Eida use his Omnipotence power to change Boruto and Kawaki’s pasts. It swayed public opinion toward the theory that Boruto, although having been born and nurtured in Konoha like Naruto. Was actually an intruder responsible for the death of the village hero.

As a consequence of Eida’s persuasion, the next chapter finds everyone searching for Boruto. Only a select handful was immune to Eida’s might, and Sarada Uchiha was one of them. She managed to persuade Sasuke, her father, that Boruto was not the enemy. Sasuke put his faith in his daughter and helped Boruto get away from the community. At the end of the chapter. Boruto made up his mind to practice harder in order to show Kawaki he was incorrect.

The accumulation of these occurrences strongly suggests that the Boruto Timeskip is approaching. Even if it takes a couple of chapters to get everything just right, given the recent developments. It’s probably going to happen in the next chapter. If the Boruto Timeskip happens in the following chapter. The tale will probably go on a new path and feature some fantastic character growth for readers.

Final Verdict

The continuing success of the Boruto manga has made it a popular topic of discussion among readers all around the world. Recent occurrences point inexorably toward the Boruto Timeskip. It’s also a sign that things are going to change in the plot. In light of this, fans have been counting down the days till the publication of Boruto chapter 81 for quite some time.

Fans of Boruto were already quite excited before the current news regarding the Boruto Timeskip. Boruto’s training to improve himself and eventually be able to face Kawaki. Who now wields the entire strength of Isshiki Otsutsuki, might be a major theme of the upcoming chapter. The forthcoming chapters are sure to make an indelible mark on the manga by engaging readers with a superb narrative and expanding on both Naruto and Boruto’s characters.

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