What Happened To Sasuke in Boruto Two Blue Vortex

The inception of Boruto’s sequel, “Two Blue Vortex,” has garnered additional favorable reactions from its readers. Boruto’s quest to locate the Ten-Tails persists, despite facing opposition from everyone he knows, with the exception of Sarada and seemingly, Sasuke.

In the concluding part of Chapter 4 in “Two Blue Vortex,” readers are finally treated to the long-anticipated post-time-skip appearance of Sasuke. What happened To Sasuke in Boruto Two Blue Vortex, takes an unexpected turn as Sasuke has transformed into a tree, prompting Boruto to seek a jutsu to restore him to his normal state.

What Happened To Sasuke in Boruto Two Blue Vortex

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex’s Chapter 5 kicks off with a flashback featuring Boruto and Sasuke standing in a forest, where a fatigued Boruto requests Sasuke to take a break.

Addressing Sasuke as “Master” in their conversation, it becomes apparent that Boruto has been undergoing training under Sasuke, successfully adapting the Uchiha style jutsus and techniques.

Sasuke acknowledges Boruto as a fast learner but emphasizes the need for refinement in both his mentality and techniques. Sasuke, who was steered away from darkness by Naruto, undertakes Boruto’s training with a similar objective.

Abruptly shifting focus from the conversation to a confrontation with Code, Sasuke instructs Boruto to flee. Code proves overwhelming for both, prompting Sasuke to entrust Sarada to Boruto. In a chilling moment, Code commands Sasuke to “Die,” eliciting a desperate cry from Boruto – “Master!”

As the flashback concludes, we return to the present. With Boruto gazing at the tree-encased Sasuke, vowing to restore his master to his original state.

Within the Hidden Leaf Village, the same calamities persist. Konohamaru, alerted by a reporter, witnesses Noegi turned into a tree while rescuing a mother and child. Konohamaru attributes these events to Code and Jyuubi and vows to unravel the mystery. Despite the grim scenario, Shikadai senses Moegi’s chakra, suggesting a possibility of her survival.

The narrative shifts to Code’s headquarters, where multiple adversaries, fueled by the anger of the Ino-Shika-Cho team, harbor sinister intentions. Among them, one member expresses a desire to consume Naruto, and Eida clandestinely listens to their discussions.

Inside Amado’s realm, he strategically implants Akebi’s data into Kawaki’s Karma, anticipating an opportunity to revive Akebi. Sumire reveals to Sarada and Shikamaru that Amado has recognized tampering with his memories.

Sarada faces disbelief when she attempts to show an old photo of Naruto’s family. Featuring Boruto instead of Kawaki, highlighting the challenge of altering omnipotent changes alone. While most have accepted Kawaki as the seventh Hokage’s son, Sasuke remains skeptical.

Boruto arrives unexpectedly and asserts that his master, Sasuke, sacrificed his life to save him. Challenging the doubts surrounding his memories. Sarada rushes to embrace Boruto, chiding him, and the chapter concludes with them sharing a heartfelt hug, signifying Boruto’s return “home.”


In conclusion, the events surrounding Sasuke in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex mark a significant and unexpected turn in the narrative. The conclusion delves into the repercussions of these developments, exploring the impact on Sasuke’s character and the broader Boruto storyline. As readers grapple with the twists and turns. The article aims to provide insights and reflections on the fate of Sasuke in this latest installment. Leaving fans eager for more revelations in the Boruto series.

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