Will Askin Nakk Le Vaar Appear In Bleach TYBW Episode 17?

Askin Nakk Le Vaar is an intriguing character introduced as one of Wandenreich’s Sternritters in the Bleach TYBW series. His eccentric nature and unpredictable demeanor make him a formidable opponent, leaving fans eager to witness how his character unfolds in the anime and learn more about his unique abilities.

As the anime progresses towards Bleach TYBW episode 17, there is some confusion among fans regarding the appearance of the Quincy, Askin. If the anime strictly follows the manga, Askin may not be featured in the upcoming episode.

However, it’s worth noting that throughout the Thousand Year Blood War anime adaptation, Studio Pierrot has included several anime-only scenes. As a result, the possibility of not seeing Askin in the next episode of Bleach cannot be ruled out. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for surprises and deviations from the original manga storyline in the anime adaptation.

Askin Nakk Le Vaar Is Unlikely To Appear In The Next Bleach TYBW Episode


Bleach TYBW episode 17 is scheduled to be released on Saturday, July 29, 2023, at 11 pm JST. The upcoming episode is expected to primarily focus on the intense clash between Sternritter Bambietta and Sajin Komamura, the Captain of the 7th Division of Gotei 13.

Given that episode 17 will likely cover chapters 555 to 560 of the manga, it suggests that Askin Nakk Le Vaar won’t make an appearance in this particular episode. Fans may need to exercise patience before seeing him back in action again.

The official preview images and leaked images of Bleach TYBW episode 17 do not feature Askin, further reinforcing the notion that he won’t be part of the next episode.

In the Thousand Year Blood War arc, Askin has mainly been portrayed as an observer and commentator during the battles. For instance, he was seen using binoculars to enjoy the fight between Kenpachi Zaraki and Gremmy, providing his thoughts on the impressive duel between the two warriors.

Askin’s involvement in the anime will likely occur in later episodes, particularly when the highly anticipated battle between Zaraki and Gremmy takes place. Fans can expect to see him return in Bleach TYBW part 2, but they may have to wait a few episodes for his reappearance.

An Overview Of Askin Nakk Le Vaar Of Bleach TYBW Arc


Askin Nakk Le Vaar made his debut appearance during the initial Quincy invasion in Bleach TYBW part one. However, it was in Part Two of the anime where he received more significant screen time.

The anime has been somewhat secretive about his background, only revealing that he was given the letter ‘D’ for ‘Deathdealing’ by His Majesty, Yhwach. In one of the episodes of Bleach TYBW part 2, Askin Nakk Le Vaar used his power, Gift Ball, to prevent a potential conflict between the Sternritters Jugram Haschwalth and Bazz-B.

Despite his sarcastic nature, Askin knows when to be serious. He strongly condemned the internal conflicts between Bazz-B and Jugram, emphasizing that Yhwach disapproves of such clashes. While Askin is known for his sense of humor in specific situations, he is undeniably a highly dangerous and formidable adversary.

In Bleach TYBW episode 15, Askin successfully infiltrated the ruined Research and Development Center of Seireitei, displaying his mocking and cunning nature. He revealed how they had patiently waited for thousands of years, lurking in the shadows of Seireitei, and amassing strength to wage war against the Soul Reapers.


His intelligence and analytical prowess make him an exceptionally formidable opponent. For instance, upon encountering Mayuri Kurotsuchi, he decided against engaging in a fight, recognizing that it would consume too much of his time.

Askin seems carefree and nonchalant about the gravity of the situation, maintaining his quirky and confident demeanor. His character showcases a blend of arrogance, eccentricity, and shrewdness. In some ways, his personality shares similarities with that of Shunsui Kyoraku and Kisuke Urahara.

Final Thoughts

The anticipation of Askin Nakk Le Vaar’s appearance in Bleach TYBW Episode 17 has been building among fans, eager to witness the continuation of the thrilling Thousand-Year Blood War arc. While there have been speculations and expectations surrounding the character’s return, the conclusive answer awaits the episode’s release. Fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming episode to witness how Askin’s involvement will unfold and impact the storyline.

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