Wonderful Precure Announces 2024 Anime Series

The long-standing anime franchise, Wonderful Precure, has recently unveiled its 21st installment, and the fans’ reactions are gaining attention. Recognized also as Pretty Cure, this magical girl anime franchise made its debut in 2004 and has since expanded to include movies, manga, toys, video games, and an impressive 850 episodes.

Despite its extensive history, one might expect the franchise to slow down, but it is far from reaching its conclusion.

As the 21st anime installment, titled Wonderful PreCure, is on the horizon, let’s delve into what awaits fans in the year 2024.

Wonderful PreCure Announcement

Wonderful PreCure

The 21st season of Precure was officially disclosed on November 29.

Accompanying the announcement of another upcoming series in 2024, the anime also introduced its official website and disclosed the catchphrase: “Let’s be good friends, everyone. Wonderful…!”

It’s evident that this new storyline is poised to be irresistibly charming!

Wonderful PreCure: What Do We Know So Far?

Produced by Toei Animations and under the direction of Tomoe with writing by Higashi Satou, the upcoming Precure series draws inspiration from Smile PreCure!—the franchise’s 9th installment—and will center around fairytales.

For those unfamiliar with the Precure universe, each series follows a group of teenage magical girls known as Pretty Cures. These girls possess the ability to transform into legendary warriors, utilizing their magical powers to combat evil forces.

While the title of the series and the unveiled logo have led many fans to speculate that this season might focus on pets, it’s important to note that this remains speculative and has yet to be officially confirmed.

Fan Reactions to Wonderful PreCure

Ever since the initial announcement, fans have flocked to Discord, Twitter, and Reddit to joyously commemorate the revelation of this upcoming series.

The excitement is palpable, especially among those who have grown up immersed in the world of Precure anime. Given the potential interpretation of “wonderful” as an onomatopoeia for a dog’s bark in Japan, enthusiasts are speculating that this new installment might have an animal theme. Could we be in for a “Woof-derful” adventure?

If the series indeed takes a pet-centric approach, it is highly anticipated to feature dogs and cats. However, a Reddit user pondered the possibility of unconventional pets, such as dragons and unicorns.

On Twitter, fans swiftly shared their predictions and reactions, contributing to posts that garnered thousands of views. Meanwhile, Reddit threads dedicated to the topic emerged every few minutes, all reflecting the collective excitement for yet another installment in their cherished franchise.

As updates unfold in the Precure universe, we’ll keep you informed with all the vibrant details, including the release date, where to watch, and how to tune in. Stay tuned for the latest and most colorful information!


In conclusion, the announcement of the Wonderful Precure 2024 anime series heralds a thrilling chapter for fans of the magical girl genre. The guide’s conclusion expresses the anticipation for the enchanting adventures, vibrant characters, and the magical transformations that are synonymous with the Precure franchise. As Wonderful Precure takes center stage in 2024, fans can look forward to a captivating and heartwarming addition to the beloved world of Precure.

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