Zom 100 Chapter 57 Release Date And Time

Zom 100 Chapter 57 might be an emotional chapter for some fans. In the previous chapter, Shizuka and Akira were rescued from a horde of zombies by an unknown man. Their friends assume they are spending some private time together.

Meanwhile, Shizuka and Akira find themselves in a building filled with patients, which appears to be a pharmacy. The mysterious man introduces himself as Joichiro Sakaki, a doctor who has been traveling to save patients from various diseases. Shizuka sees this as an opportunity to fulfill her childhood dream and offers to help.

Shizuka accompanies Sakaki to check on the medicines, and during this time, we get a glimpse of her feelings. She starts to consider following the path of Dr. Sakaki.

Then, Sakaki asks Shizuka for a favor. She returns to Akira and asks him what he would do if she decided to leave the group and follow Sakaki. It becomes apparent that Sakaki has asked Shizuka to join him, and she seems inclined to do so, as their aspirations align.

Zom 100 Chapter 57 Release Date


Zom 100 Chapter 57 release date is set to be scheduled on August 18th. It appears that the manga is maintaining a steady schedule without any breaks, allowing readers to stay updated on the fate of their beloved characters.

While waiting for the new chapter, fans can also enjoy the anime adaptation, which airs every Sunday. This way, they can still indulge in the world of Zom 100 until the next chapter arrives.

Shizuka’s Decision To Leave


Additionally, Sakaki informs them that he has an emergency operation in another prefecture and needs to leave immediately. Akira, though looking weak and pale, encourages Shizuka to follow her heart and do what she truly wants.

Shizuka appears conflicted about her decision, and Akira acknowledges that this might be for the best since she is pursuing her passion. However, he leaves without saying goodbye to Shizuka.

As he departs, Akira reflects on all the cherished moments they shared together and breaks down in tears. He realizes that he cannot bid her farewell with a forced smile, so he chooses to leave without a goodbye.

Zom 100 Chapter 57 Spoilers


Shizuka has temporarily parted ways with the group, driven by her dream of becoming a doctor. However, it is highly likely that she will return to Akira and the rest in the upcoming chapter.

The pain of leaving Akira and the others without a word weighs heavily on Shizuka. Moreover, Joichiro Sakaki’s character raises suspicion as he quickly accepted Shizuka’s offer to accompany him, despite knowing very little about her. This situation might lead to more surprising developments in the next chapter.

There’s a lingering uncertainty about Sakaki’s intentions. While he might genuinely be treating other patients, it’s unclear if he has ulterior motives concerning Shizuka during this apocalyptic scenario. Akira and the rest of the group wouldn’t simply let Shizuka go without a fight.

It’s safe to assume that once Akira rejoins the group, they will waste no time in heading to Shizuka’s location. Moreover, the strong bond and memories shared with the group might prompt Shizuka herself to leave the pharmacy and reunite with her friends.


In conclusion, our article “Zom 100 Chapter 57 Release Date And Time” provides fans of the series with the latest information on the highly anticipated upcoming chapter. We discuss the potential plot developments, character arcs, and significant moments that readers can look forward to in this installment. As the story continues to unravel, this article serves as a valuable resource for staying up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of Zom 100.

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