Aquaman 2 Trailer Has Been Revealed

DC has released the full trailer for Aquaman 2, starring Jason Momoa as the king of Atlantis, a dad committed to protecting his kingdom. He gets help from someone who used to be his enemy and a relative.

After the first Aquaman movie, Arthur Curry (played by Momoa) was not sure if he should become the king of the underwater kingdom. After winning against his brother Orm, he was given the throne. However, as he worked on missions with the Justice League, he started improving his own special abilities and ways of being a hero.

The trailer for Aquaman 2 shows familiar characters, like Manta (played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), who is stronger than before and has a powerful weapon. He promises to destroy everything that is important to Aquaman in a very violent way. James Wan directs the movie and adds humor and charm, which only Momoa can bring to life on screen.

The trailer has many interesting details to think about and talk about, like Aquaman being a loving father to a cute baby. Fans will also notice that Orm and Arthur have become closer, like brothers.

Aquaman 2 Powers Of The Black Trident

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom | Trailer

In Aquaman 2, when Manta evolves into a formidable supervillain and poses a grave threat to their homeland and its people, Arthur Curry finds himself in a dire situation, prompting him to seek assistance from Orm.

The latest Aquaman 2 trailer promises to astonish fans right from the start, with Arthur delivering an opening monologue reflecting on the profound changes in his life since the events of the first movie. Presently, he assumes the mantle of Atlantis’ ruler and cherishes his role as the father of an adorable baby boy. While the identity of the child’s mother remains implicit, fans are likely to piece together the puzzle.

As the sovereign of Atlantis, Arthur acknowledges the presence of formidable adversaries, with Manta, in particular, harboring a relentless vendetta against him. In Aquaman 2, Nicole Kidman reprises her role as Atlanna, Arthur’s mother. The introduction of Manta showcases him as well-prepared and venturing into the depths of the ocean within a heavily fortified underwater vehicle. The impending danger arises when the Manta transforms into the formidable Black Manta.

It is conceivable that he has uncovered a valuable artifact in Atlantis, referred to as the Black Trident. The character in this scene possesses strikingly vibrant green eyes and wields a unique black trident infused with an eerie green glow, granting him access to an ancient and malevolent power. Aquaman now faces a formidable adversary of great magnitude. In response, he embarks on a quest to locate his imprisoned brother, Orm, forging an even deeper bond between them as they unite to confront the looming threat posed by the malefic influence of the Black Trident, which threatens their community with destruction.

Aquaman 2 Arthur And Orm’s Brotherly Bond


In the initial film, Orm and Arthur found themselves at odds, with Orm harboring ambitions to seize control of Atlantis but ultimately being defeated by his elder sibling. Aquaman 2, however, has been crafted to explore their evolving relationship.

The Aquaman 2 trailer offers only a fleeting glimpse of Amber Heard’s return as Mera. Nevertheless, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, James Wan revealed that the primary focus of Aquaman 2 would be the bond between the two brothers. He stated, “I had pitched this idea right from the start to everyone.” While the first Aquaman movie centered on the romantic and adventurous journey of Arthur and Mera, the second installment was always intended to emphasize the camaraderie and adventure shared by Arthur and Orm. Wan elaborated, “So, the first film was about romance and adventure, while the second one is about friendship and adventure.”

Fans can also anticipate witnessing the substantial growth and transformation of Arthur into a capable leader. Wan elucidated, “He commences as someone wandering aimlessly, and in the second film, he finally discovers his purpose in life.”


In conclusion, the long-awaited release of the Aquaman 2 trailer has left fans of the aquatic superhero eager and intrigued. As the sequel to the immensely popular Aquaman film, this trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into the underwater world of Atlantis, epic battles, and the return of familiar characters. With the promise of new adventures and challenges for Arthur Curry, the excitement surrounding this upcoming installment is palpable, making it a must-watch for fans of the DC Extended Universe.

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