Avengers 6 Will Bring Back People You Thought Were Gone Forever

A significant revelation hints at Marvel’s intention to execute a soft reboot of the MCU in 2027 through the sixth Avengers movie, teasing the potential return of previously lost heroes.

Marvel Studios might embark on a reboot of the MCU shortly after the release of Avengers: Secret Wars, which is anticipated to occur in just four years, as indicated by a recent statement from Marvel’s top figure, Kevin Feige. Avengers 6, scheduled for May 7, 2027, will mark the culmination of the currently disclosed roster of forthcoming Marvel films. However, during an interview with Variety, Feige conveyed the notion that the MCU has merely scratched the surface of the storytelling possibilities derived from Marvel Comics. To fully explore this potential, a soft reboot may be on the horizon, aiming to streamline the timeline, eliminate unnecessary elements, and, perhaps most thrillingly, reintroduce characters who have departed from the franchise.

During an episode of The Watch podcast, Joanna Robinson, the author of the recently released Marvel book “MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios,” unveiled a revelation that could potentially result in a significant transformation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.

Further examination of “MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios” provides additional clues, particularly within the final chapter titled “How Much We Have Left.” Close to the conclusion of this chapter, there is a passage describing a meeting with Feige, during which he unveiled a poster from 1988 illustrated by Ed Hannigan and Joe Rubinstein. This poster featured hundreds of Marvel characters, serving as an indication of the multitude of new characters that could be introduced into the MCU.

How The MCU Is Already Setting Up A Reboot For Avengers 6


The question of why Marvel is contemplating a reboot of the MCU, even if it’s a soft reboot, is a particularly pertinent one, given the overall success of most of the franchise’s previous releases. However, several factors have led to this consideration. One significant factor is the need to streamline the timeline, particularly after Marvel acquired the rights to formerly Fox-owned Marvel characters, notably the still-missing X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Additionally, the perceived negative state of Marvel TV has prompted Disney to overhaul its entire approach to producing new shows. As Joanna Robinson suggests, It also presents the prospect of reintroducing major character brands like Iron Man, T’Challa, Thanos, Steve Rogers, and numerous other heroes and villains who have either been written out of the narrative or have retired.

Loki season 2 has already provided multiple indications of how Avengers: Secret Wars could serve as the catalyst for rebooting the MCU timeline. This event could function as a mega-crossover to unite different storylines and revive characters. If Kevin Feige is drawing inspiration from the comics, the idea of Secret Wars as the reset point makes sense, considering the narrative trajectory of the comic arc. The comic’s storyline concluded with the obliteration of the multiverse and the emergence of fresh narratives from the ashes. Furthermore, Loki season 2 has already confirmed that the first Multiversal War of 2321 led to a timeline reset, resulting in the establishment of the “Sacred Timeline” under He Who Remains. Sylvie’s act of assassinating the timeline guardian and the subsequent formation of the Council of Kangs set the stage for a repetition of that war and, by extension, another timeline reset.


The prospect of Avengers 6 is generating significant excitement among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This article has provided a tantalizing glimpse into the upcoming film, suggesting the return of characters thought to be gone forever. As fans eagerly await more information, it’s clear that Avengers 6 promises to be a game-changer in the MCU, rekindling the hopes and dreams of many.

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