Marvel El Muerto: Everything We Know

A new Spider-Man film titled El Muerto is set to be released, and here’s what we currently have in the pipeline.

Sony is experiencing a considerable amount of success, largely due to the popularity of their Spider-Man film series. Many consider the Spider-Verse movies to be among the finest entries in the Spider-Man franchise. While opinions may vary on films like Venom and Morbius, they still offer an enjoyable viewing experience because of their entertainment value.

Now, they are in the process of developing a new television show centered around the villains. And no, we’re not talking about Kraven the Hunter; this time, it’s El Muerto.

But who exactly is this malevolent character, and what’s happening behind the scenes with this project? We’ll provide you with all the details we’ve gathered, so read on to uncover the answers.

Is El Muerto In Development Progress?


The production of the film has been underway since April 2022, but its future has now become uncertain due to a recent revelation from Sony.

On June 23, 2023, Sony Pictures made the surprising decision to cancel the release of the movie El Muerto. Many fans had previously believed that Sony had altered the film’s release date to accommodate Bad Bunny’s tour, but they were disheartened to learn that this was not the case.

As of the present moment, there is no confirmed release date for El Muerto. The commencement of filming is scheduled for August 7.

Given that filming has not yet begun, it’s unlikely that the movie El Muerto will grace theaters until at least 2024. Initially, Sony had announced a release date of January 12, 2024, but it now appears highly improbable. The filming process was initially slated to commence earlier, but it faced delays due to the WGA strikes. These labor disputes might also impact the movie’s eventual release.

Furthermore, Madame Webb, another Spider-Man spin-off, is slated for release in February 2024. This could lead to an unusual release schedule if El Muerto were to be released just one month prior.

El Muerto Cast Members

Right now, we don’t know much about the movie’s actors, except that Bad Bunny was supposed to be the main character. He has left the project and will be replaced.

Bad Bunny’s departure is unfortunate because he is currently a popular and successful artist. He has performed at Coachella, won numerous Grammy awards, and is now expanding his influence in different fields. Currently, his biggest claim to fame as an actor is his brief role as the Wolf in a recent action movie called Bullet Train. In this movie, he engages in a quick and exciting fight scene with Brad Pitt’s character.

Right now, some other stars are being thought about for unspecified parts, but nothing is certain yet. Sasha Banks, who used to be in WWE, is now acting as Koska Reeves in Seasons 2 and 3 of The Mandalorian. Marvin Jones III is being considered for the role of Tombstone because he previously voiced the character in Into the Spider-Verse.

Behind the camera, Jonás Cuarón, who is the son of Alfonso Cuarón, will be directing the film. His father directed Chupa and he also co-wrote the movie Gravity in 2013. Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, the writer of DC’s new Blue Beetle, is writing the script for this movie.

El Muerto Plot


While details regarding the narrative of El Muerto remain limited, we are aware that it will revolve around the central character, a wrestler endowed with extraordinary powers.

El Muerto, whose alter ego in the comics is Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez, is a luchador hailing from a lineage of fighters. His distinct mask bestows upon him remarkable strength and a host of other incredible abilities. Over the course of his wrestling career, he has faced off against various opponents, including Spider-Man. However, he has also collaborated with Spider-Man on different occasions.


In conclusion, “Marvel El Muerto” is an upcoming project from Marvel Comics that has piqued the curiosity and excitement of fans. While details about this mysterious character and storyline are still emerging, the prospect of a new addition to the Marvel Universe is always an exciting one. With Marvel’s track record of creating iconic and diverse characters, “El Muerto” holds the potential to captivate readers with compelling storytelling, unique powers, and intriguing character development. As fans eagerly await more information, the anticipation for “Marvel El Muerto” continues to grow.

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