My Hero Academia 4th Movie Announced

Exciting news awaits fans of My Hero Academia, as the confirmation of a 4th movie has been officially announced. On August 8, 2023, a devoted follower of MHA, @DabisPoleDance, shared this thrilling update on Twitter. The announcement is set to appear in the upcoming edition of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which is yet to be released.

Studio Bones and Toho Animation, the same teams responsible for the previous movies and anime seasons, will take charge of producing and distributing this highly anticipated film. The movie will feature an original storyline that continues from the events portrayed in the anime series. While the exact release date remains undisclosed, fans are eagerly looking forward to its arrival.

My Hero Academia, a beloved manga and anime series, narrates the captivating journey of Izuku Midoriya. In a world where superpowers are the norm, Izuku is born without any abilities. The story unfolds with relatable characters, an engaging plot, and breathtaking animation, garnering immense popularity worldwide.

My Hero Academia 4th Movie: Everything We Know

According to Horikoshi’s statements, the fourth installment of the franchise will be set after the Paranormal Liberation War, a significant event portrayed in Season 6 of the anime. This places the movie in a “collapsed society” struggling to recover from the devastating impact of the League of Villains and All For One’s actions. Fans of the manga and anime will recall the somber tones of those stories and how Deku’s guilt nearly drove him to self-destruction during his time as a desperate vigilante.

While there is speculation about the possibility of a “Dark Deku” appearance in the movie, it seems unlikely due to the well-concluded storyline in the emotional finale of Season 6 of My Hero Academia. Instead, the movie might explore untold aspects of the narrative not covered in the manga and anime. However, it will still be a stand-alone production, enjoyable on its own, just like the preceding three movies.

Cast And Team For New MHA 4th Movie


The cast for the upcoming movie has not been officially announced yet. However, it is highly probable that the main voice actors from the anime will return to reprise their roles. This includes Daiki Yamashita as Izuku Midoriya, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Katsuki Bakugo, and Kenta Miyake as All Might.

The dedicated team behind the successful My Hero Academia franchise is diligently working to deliver more captivating content to the fans. As with the previous movies, it is expected that the talented individuals who contributed to the success of My Hero Academia will also be involved in this new project.

Likely, Kenji Nagasaki will return as the director, ensuring a consistent vision for the movie. Yosuke Kuroda is also anticipated to come back as the story writer, ensuring continuity from the previous films. The production and distribution of this highly anticipated movie will be handled by Studio Bones and Toho Ltd., who have been instrumental in bringing the world of My Hero Academia to life.

My Hero Academia Anime Updates


The announcement of the MHA 4th movie and the unveiling of a thrilling new battle royale game called My Hero Ultra Rumble have ignited excitement among fans. The game includes beloved characters from the My Hero Academia series, offering an immersive experience.

Furthermore, there is official confirmation of a seventh season for the My Hero Academia anime. Ensuring that fans can look forward to more adventures and captivating storylines.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, My Hero Academia fans have plenty to look forward to in the near future. With the confirmation of the My Hero Academia 4th Movie and announcements of the upcoming anime season. There are thrilling prospects on the horizon. While specific plot details for the movie are yet to be revealed. Fans can anticipate an original storyline continuing from season 6’s War arc.

The dedicated team responsible for this beloved franchise has been working diligently to offer more content. Including the highly anticipated launch of My Hero Ultra Rumble—a captivating new battle royale game. Exciting times await the My Hero Academia community with these promising developments.

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