RUMOUR: George Clooney and Aquaman as Dogs in The Flash’s final cut

According to a recent rumour, the final cut of the upcoming DC Universe blockbuster The Flash will have a cameo from George Clooney as Batman and will depict Aquaman as a dog.

CanWeGetSomeToast is a Twitter account that has a proven track record of giving reliable scoops relating to superhero films. This account is the source of the rumor. It is said that the most recent episode of The Flash concludes with a scenario in which Barry Allen (played by Ezra Miller) unexpectedly runs into Bruce Wayne (played by Clooney), therefore revealing the identity of the wealthy playboy as the Dark Knight. The post-credits sequence in The Flash is rumored to portray Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Barry Allen leaving a pub together, with Barry making a cryptic allusion to Aquaman taking the form of a dog in the movie’s other reality, which is inhabited by the version of Batman played by Michael Keaton. This rumor has also been circulating online. As DC Studios has not commented on the rumor in any official capacity as of yet.

In spite of this, viewers of The Flash may rest assured that there will be at least one scene that takes place after the credits have rolled. This was put into question for a brief period of time after those who had seen pre-release screenings of the DCU epic reported that it did not include any supplementary content after the credits had rolled. Since then, the film’s producer, Barbara Muschietti, has stated unequivocally that not only will there be a post-credits sequence in the theatrical release of The Flash, but that she is also positive that it will live up to the standards set by DC Comics fans. “We can’t tease anything because they’re all great surprises, and we know that they won’t disappoint.

Did Warner Bros. Change The Flash Final Cut?

Muschietti’s brother and the director of The Flash, confirmed his sister’s thoughts in a recent interview, making it obvious that they have gone to great pains to safeguard viewers from spoilers. Andy Muschietti also made it plain that they have avoided spoilers as much as possible. According to Muschietti, this goes as far as eliminating footage from the cut of The Flash that was shown to the press and merchants before the film’s premiere on June 16th. “If you see the movie on the 16th or after, you’ll notice that there are a couple of surprises there that we wanted to leave for the release of the movie to avoid any kind of possible leaks and stuff,” he added. “If you see the movie on the 16th or after, you’ll notice that there’s a couple of surprises there that we wanted to leave for the release of the movie.”

There are also rumors that Warner Bros. Discovery, the parent company of DC Studios, changed the conclusion of The Flash between screenings in order to keep the most important details of the highly anticipated blockbuster movie a secret. In addition, Warner Bros. will only have a single premiere event for “The Flash,” which industry experts believe is a part of the larger plan the distributor is employing to avoid giving away spoilers.


A tantalizing rumor surrounding the highly anticipated film, The Flash, suggests that George Clooney and Aquaman will be portrayed as dogs in the final cut. While rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt, this particular speculation has generated significant buzz among fans and movie enthusiasts. In this article, we have explored the potential implications and excitement surrounding this unique casting choice, discussing the possible comedic and creative elements it could bring to the film. As fans eagerly await the release of The Flash, the rumor adds an intriguing layer of anticipation and curiosity to the overall viewing experience.

The release date for The Flash is set for June 16, 2023.

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