Tekken Bloodline Season 2: 5 New Characters

Over the course of its existence, the Tekken franchise has amassed a diverse array of characters. However, only a select few prominent names were featured in the Tekken Bloodline anime.

While the storyline of Tekken Bloodline primarily revolves around Jin Kazama and the Mishima clan, the Tekken universe also includes time-traveling ninjas, cyborg mercenaries, and even J-pop stars. As the possibility of a second season looms, Netflix and the show’s producers have an abundance of unique character choices to consider.

Here are five Tekken characters who possess the potential to seamlessly integrate into Tekken Bloodline season 2.

5 Potential New Characters In Tekken Bloodline Season 2

Armor King

As Marduk and King have already made appearances in the series, it seems like a natural choice for Armor King to step into the ring for Tekken Bloodline season 2.

While initially perceived as a variation of King, Armor King developed his own distinct wrestling style and became a longstanding rival to King. As a shoot wrestler, he could enter the tournament as an enigmatic wildcard, sporting a menacing jaguar mask and intimidating spiked shoulder plates. It would certainly add a touch of edginess to the series.

Asuka Kazama


The potential second season of Tekken Bloodline presents an opportunity to delve deeper into the relationship between Jin and Asuka, the final two practitioners of the Kazama-style martial arts. While it has been suggested that Asuka is Jin’s maternal cousin, Katsuhiro Harada, the chief producer, has clarified that their connection is not as straightforward as it may seem.

In this upcoming season, there is potential for exploring how Asuka plays a crucial role in helping Jin harness and control the power of the Devil Gene through the teachings of the Kazama clan. As the series primarily revolves around Jin’s lineage, Asuka’s presence could be instrumental in guiding him on this path.

Additionally, the first season of Tekken Bloodline introduced Asuka’s nemesis, Feng Wei. In Tekken 5, Asuka participated in the tournament to seek revenge against Feng for causing harm to her father and destroying their dojo. If Asuka makes an appearance in the second season, it is highly anticipated that she will finally have her long-awaited confrontation with the Kenpo specialist, exacting her vengeance.

Bryan Fury


Bryan Fury, a former police officer who underwent bionic enhancements, has become an iconic character in the Tekken series known for his unpredictable and chaotic nature.

Unlike the characters directly involved in the Mishima conflict, Bryan’s motivations stem from his love for violence, wielding machine guns, and engaging in brutal hand-to-hand combat. As proof, his victory celebration involves unleashing a relentless flurry of punches while mounted on his opponent.

In the context of Tekken Bloodline season 2, Bryan could be introduced as one of Dr. Bosconovitch’s experiments. Following the events of Tekken 4, Dr. B saved Bryan and potentially transformed him into a bionic superweapon. In the series, Dr. Bosconovitch appeared as one of Heihachi’s scientists with the task of capturing the Ancient Ogre.

By incorporating Bryan Fury into the storyline, the series could explore the aftermath of his transformation and the extent of his capabilities as a result of Dr. Bosconovitch’s experimentation. His inclusion would undoubtedly bring an additional layer of excitement and chaos to Tekken Bloodline season 2.

Lucky Chloe


It appears that Kazuya will play a more prominent role in the upcoming season, potentially introducing the G Corporation, a rival biotech firm to the Mishima Zaibatsu. The G Corporation played a significant part in resurrecting Kazuya after his defeat by Heihachi in Tekken 2.

Interestingly, the G Corporation also boasts its own idol named Lucky Chloe, who is a skilled fighter in Tekken 7. Despite her presence, not much is known about Chloe and her sponsorship, presenting an opportunity to delve into her backstory and character development.

The contrast between Kazuya’s devilish nature and the PR-friendly persona of the J-pop star could create an intriguing dynamic. Imagining them as a tag team in a tournament adds to the excitement surrounding this potential storyline. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the interaction between these two characters and the potential team dynamics they could bring to the series.

Lee Chaolan

In the second episode, Lee Chaolan is briefly mentioned as a missing individual, highlighting his intricate connection with the Mishima Clan.

Lee was adopted by Heihachi at a young age with the purpose of becoming Kazuya’s rival. However, due to conflicts with his father and brother, he eventually decided to strike out on his own. The silver-haired fighter established Violet Systems, a robotics company dedicated to creating a utopian world complete with robotic servants.

It seems likely that Lee may participate in the tournament to seek retribution for Heihachi’s tough love. Given that the Tekken champion can also assume control of Mishima Zaibatsu, Lee wouldn’t mind adding another company to his repertoire. This sets the stage for a potentially intense showdown and power struggle within the Tekken universe.


The highly anticipated Season 2 of Tekken Bloodline introduces five exciting new characters, adding fresh dynamics and gameplay to the beloved fighting game series. With each character bringing their unique fighting style and storyline, fans can expect new strategies, rivalries, and thrilling battles. Tekken Bloodline Season 2 promises to elevate the gaming experience for both casual players and dedicated fans, making it a must-play for all fighting game enthusiasts.

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