Who is Zaniac in Loki Season 2?

The second season of Loki, Marvel’s most recent superhero TV series, is presently in full swing, conveying exciting time-hopping undertakings.

Episode 1 rejoined Loki, Mobius, and the TVA and presented a few unconventional new characters. Loki Season 2 Episode 2 proceeds this drift by presenting Brad Wolfe, also known as Zaniac.

But who is Zaniac, and where does he fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Here’s what we’ve assembled.

Who is Zaniac in Loki Season 2?


Zaniac, or Brad Wolfe’s true identity, is Hunter X-5, a former TVA hunter who chose to live life as Brad Wolfe, an actor on Earth.

Dedicated Marvel comic book enthusiasts will recognize Zaniac as the parasitic entity hailing from the Dark Dimension, which descends upon Earth to possess a human and act as Dormammu’s agent. In its early days, it inhabits a man during the 19th century, committing the murders of five women and earning the moniker of Marvel’s Jack the Ripper.

Later, it attaches itself to Brad Wolfe, who stars in a film titled “Zaniac,” depicting a serial killer targeting women as retribution for his abusive upbringing. Following exposure to a nuclear explosion from the Manhattan Project, Brad takes on the appearance of his movie’s villain and begins to target women for murder, similar to the entity’s prior hosts.

Thor ultimately puts an end to his reign in “The Mighty Thor” #371 and #372, marking the first appearance of the TVA in the comics, thus linking to Loki Season 2.

Although Brad presently appears as an ordinary human, his presence hints at the potential appearance of Thor’s version of Zaniac in this season. This development is particularly intriguing because Zaniac is technically a villain of Thor, suggesting a possible return of Loki’s older brother in the storyline. Furthermore, Zaniac could serve as the connection to reintroduce Doctor Strange into the multiverse narrative, given his past conflict with Dormammu in his initial film.

Fans will need to stay tuned to Loki Season 2 to witness how the Brad Wolfe/Zaniac connection unfolds and influences the remaining four episodes.


The mysterious character Zaniac in Loki Season 2 has ignited curiosity and intrigue among fans. This article has delved into the enigmatic figure’s presence in the series, offering insights and speculation about their role in the unfolding storyline. As the series progresses and more details are revealed, Zaniac’s character promises to play a significant part in the evolving narrative of Loki Season 2.

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