Fortnite Leak Teases Devil May Cry and Avatar Collabs

A recent Fortnite leak has hinted at a potential upcoming collab for the battle royale game, including partnerships with Devil May Cry and Avatar.

According to the leak, Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 has already seen significant collaborations, such as the inclusion of Family Guy, featuring a Peter Griffin outfit, and the expansion of battle pass rewards with cosmetic items for Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. The leak suggests that more exciting collaborations are in the pipeline for Fortnite, with Dragon Ball and Doctor Who being among the speculated future additions to the game.

Throughout its history since the initial release, Fortnite has engaged in numerous collaborations with various brands, introducing players to characters from comics and other video games. Some of these collaborations extended beyond cosmetic bundles, offering players new game modes to enjoy with their friends. For instance, Fortnite recently introduced a sandbox LEGO mode, allowing players to explore a blocky world and construct elaborate structures with bricks. This survival spin-off remains part of the playlist, which also includes a Rocket League-inspired racing game mode.

Fortnite X Devil May Cry and Avatar

A recent leak from XboxEra, shared by iFireMonkey, has hinted at potential collaborations between Fortnite and Devil May Cry, as well as Avatar in the future. The leak showcases a mysterious character resembling Dante from the Devil May Cry series featured on a gun in a loading screen. Additionally, the leak suggests an upcoming Jake Sully skin as part of the collaboration with Avatar; however, it’s important to note that the appearance of both characters in the battle royale is not confirmed. Excitement among fellow players on Reddit is evident, with some expressing hopes for Vergil and Nero skins.

If the leak proves accurate, this collaboration will mark the first time Fortnite has partnered with Devil May Cry, introducing characters from Capcom’s action-adventure series to the game. There’s a strong possibility that Dante and Jake Sully may bring more than just skins, including additional cosmetic items such as weapons and emotes.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 boasts an abundance of content, ranging from Battle Pass rewards and weapons to vehicles that facilitate travel across the overhauled map. The latest update has introduced weekly quests that enable players to level up rapidly in the new chapter. Beyond in-game modes and Battle Pass expansions, Fortnite has incorporated weapon mods, allowing players to optimize loadouts for diverse playstyles.


Prepare for an epic crossover in Fortnite as a recent leak tantalizingly hints at collaborations with Devil May Cry and Avatar. This groundbreaking revelation opens the door to thrilling possibilities, merging iconic characters from these beloved franchises with the Fortnite universe. As the Fortnite community buzzes with anticipation, our article has dissected the leaked information, providing a glimpse into the potential skins, items, and challenges that could redefine the Fortnite experience in the near future.

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