Ace Rainbow Six Siege – Background & Personality Analysis

Rainbow Six Siege is a cool game made by Ubisoft. It’s a tactical shooter that lots of people like to play. You can play it on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

In the game, you need to work together with your teammates and use smart strategies. It happens in cities and buildings with close combat. You play as special forces from different countries in the Rainbow unit.

The main way to play is with other players online. Two teams of five players fight each other. One team attacks, and the other defends. Each round is fast and exciting, so you have to think and change your plans quickly.

Who is Ace in Rainbow Six Siege?

Håvard “Ace” Haugland, a Norwegian, serves as an Attacking Operator in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. He joined the game as part of the Operation Steel Wave expansion, which Ubisoft released on June 16, 2020. Ace is a valued member of Rainbow, an elite international counter-terrorism unit that operates on the Attacker team.

Ace’s real name is Håvard Haugland, and his codename “Ace” reflects his exceptional skills and reputation within the Rainbow organization. He brings unique abilities and equipment to the team, making him a valuable asset in combat situations.

Ace Background History in Rainbow Six Siege

Håvard “Ace” Haugland, born in a historic village, excelled in various fields, envisioning himself as a renowned pediatric surgeon. However, he realized his preference for action over theoretical study and opted for paramedic training instead. Joining the Norwegian Armed Forces, he gained a reputation for heroics and later became a member of the Forsvarets Spesialkommando, participating in notable operations. Haugland’s impulsive nature saved Kali’s life during a UN mission in Somalia, leading to his recruitment by NIGHTHAVEN.

With a passion for demolitions and humanitarian work, Haugland contributed to the development of the Selma Aqua Breacher. He joined Rainbow in 2020, participating in the Six Invitational 2021 and training exercises with NIGHTHAVEN. Despite his curiosity about Kali’s plans and attempts to gain insider knowledge, he was met with resistance from Osa. During the Six Invitational, Kali’s team, including Haugland, severed ties with Rainbow and joined NIGHTHAVEN.

In early 2022, Haugland and his Nighthaven colleagues formed Team Kali for the Six Invitational. Following the event, Kali officially separated from Rainbow and successfully recruited the Rainbow operatives, including Haugland, to join Nighthaven. They supported Kali’s decision and departed from Rainbow as well.

Ace Personality Analysis in Rainbow Six Siege

Håvard “Ace” Haugland, despite his outward arrogance and self-interest, presents himself as an altruistic individual, driven by a desire for positive publicity and social standing. Growing up in a small village, he gained local hero status, fueling his love for attention. Initially aspiring to become a pediatric surgeon, he gravitated towards paramedic training due to his preference for practicality. His army conscription and role as a combat medic only reinforced his “golden boy” image.

However, Haugland’s true nature remains enigmatic, as his carefully crafted persona masks a deeper struggle. While he excels in working with his peers and maintaining congeniality, he maintains tight control over how others perceive him. His quest for photo opportunities and travel is driven by a desire for approval, although success in that regard remains uncertain.

Haugland holds a longstanding association with Specialist Kali, whom he praises highly. As long as his thirst for fame and fortune persists, his loyalty to her is expected. However, concerns arise about their relationship and his mental well-being if he were to ever satisfy his desire for acclaim.

Ace Gameplay Abilities in Rainbow Six Siege

Ace’s Unique Gadget is the SELMA Breaching Device. It is a throwable gadget that, when attached to a breachable surface, deploys explosive arms and detonates, creating a wide opening for line of sight and entry for attackers. It can also destroy hatches, but cannot activate sequential explosions on floors.

To destroy a reinforced hatch, two SELMA breaches are required. Ace can pick up any unused SELMA that hasn’t activated. Each SELMA detonates twice, creating a larger hole for vaulting or crouch-walking. They can be thrown further, similar to Impact Grenades.

The SELMA can destroy Mira’s Black Mirrors within its explosion range, even with slight contact. It synergizes with other attacker gadgets like Thatcher’s EMP Grenades, Twitch’s Shock Drone, Kali’s LV Lances, Zero’s Argus Cameras, and Flores’ RCE-RATERO drone, as they can eliminate defender gadgets hindering the SELMAs’ operation.

To Wrap it all Up

Håvard “Ace” Haugland is a strong Attacking Operator in Rainbow Six Siege. He came into the game in the Operation Steel Wave update. Ace is a member of the super good counter-terrorism group called Rainbow.

Ace is known for being brave and was chosen by NIGHTHAVEN. Even though he acts like he’s better than others, he cares about looking good and being famous. His special tool, the SELMA Breaching Device, makes holes in walls and breaks open hatches. It works great with other gadgets attackers have, and it can get rid of things defenders put in its way.

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