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The Albany Washington is a four-door sedan that is similar to the Cadillac Allanté from 1987 to 1993. It has a sleek appearance with a long hood and a large grille. It is one of the game’s most opulent automobiles. The Albany Washington is a Sedans Car in Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online. This vehicle can also be found in Grand Theft Auto IV, San Andreas, Vice City, and Vice City Stories. This post will teach you more about Albany Washington GTA 5.

The Washington is a series of executive automobiles featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, San Andreas, Vice City Stories, GTA IV, and GTA V. Albany produces it in the HD Universe.

Albany Washington Design Features

The design of the Washington is typically boxy yet modern. Hence making it one of the newer cars in Vice City’s 1980s setting. In GTA San Andreas, the car has a 90’s facelift, with slight modifications. The front grille, wider headlight clusters, and rear light clusters that light up as a whole during braking or at night. The GTA Vice City Stories version of the Washington has additional side trims.
The taken ones indicate that the vehicle model used was from the FBI Washington, rather than the original Washington model from GTA Vice City.

Albany Washington

The car’s general appearance is less boxy than in the 3D Universe incarnations. With a rounded front bumper with a grilled part in the centre. A black trim at the bottom, and a licence plate. The primary grille and a set of broad headlights with modest turn signals may be found in the car’s top section. On the front of the hood is an Albany ornament.

Albany Washington Side Stripes

The side profile is identical to that of previous 3D Universe models. Fender flares and chrome lines going through the doors, as well as black parts at the bottom.
Black, plastic-like trim accents the windows in the greenhouse region, while rounded mirror wings are present at the A-pillars, along with “Executive” emblems on the rearmost pillars. On the passenger side, one can observe a tiny aerial mount located at the top of the trunk.

Albany Washington Rear End

The back of the car features an Albany insignia on the end of the trunk. As well as an inset spot for the licence plate and silver letters with the car’s name embossed on the passenger side. The car’s exterior borders have enormous tail light clusters, each with big red outer lights and tiny, vertical inside lights, and black trim around the entire cluster. The rear bumper has the same profile as the front bumper. With a black detail at the bottom and two mouldings for the dual exhaust pipes.

Albany Washington

Albany Washington Quirks & Features

The Washington has a GPS system with a female voice, but only if the user leaves the “selected cars” (default) option in the audio menu selected. If the player departs the car but leaves the door open, it will produce an audible “door ajar” dinging noise. With the volume set up, it may be heard clearly in quiet situations.

Albany Washington Interior

The interior of the improved version is the Police/Taxi typology utilised in cars like the Fugitive and Premier. As well as other vehicles similar to the real-life Panther platform like the Stanier-based Police Cruiser and Taxi. The inside of the Washington is differentiated by extra wood (or wood veneer) panelling on the doors, which adds to the Town Car connotations.

Engine Performance

The Washington car in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online is similar in performance to the GTA IV version, except for a slightly higher top speed and better handling. However, it is vulnerable to damage and cannot withstand much gunfire or crashes. Despite this, the Washington is comparable to average sedans like the Stanier.

Similar to its predecessors, the car runs on a V8 engine and features a front engine, rear-wheel drive layout. It is coupled with a 5-speed gearbox.. The sound of the engine is smooth and low-revving, similar to that of other standard sedans in the game.

To Wrap it all Up

The Albany Washington is a four-door car that can be found in Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online. It is a premium automobile with a sleek style similar to the Cadillac Allanté from 1987 to 1993. The appearance of the vehicle has a large hood, a broad grille, and a rounded front bumper with a grill section in the centre. It features a boxy yet contemporary appearance, with minor changes to the front grille, bigger headlight clusters, and rear light clusters.

The vehicle includes a GPS system with a female voice and an audible “door ajar” dinging noise. Its inside has additional wood panelling on the doors, which adds to the Town Car implications. The Albany’s powerplant is a V8 engine. It has a front engine, rear-wheel drive arrangement, and a 5-speed gearbox.

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