Artist Combines Pokemon and Zelda with Zonai Rayquaza

A talented artist has merged the iconic characters Rayquaza from the Pokemon series and Zonai from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, resulting in a captivating and original hybrid creation. It’s not uncommon for fans to blend elements from their favorite franchises, showcasing their creativity and skill across various artistic mediums. The prevalence of crossovers in video game artwork highlights the immense talent and imaginative spirit within the gaming community.

The hit role-playing game series created by Game Freak received an addition with the debut of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire: Rayquaza. The legendary pocket monster is a member of a three-member team that also includes Groudon and Kyogre. Its role in the team is to mediate conflicts between Groudon and Kyogre whenever they occur. The Dragon-Type Pokémon has been included in a number of the series’ games. And it will also be featured in the most recent adaptation of the anime for the brand.

A user by the name of vinsear on Reddit has shared some fan art that blends Pokemon with The Legend of Zelda. The figurine depicts Rayquaza in a reimagined form that makes. It appears to be something that the Zonai from Tears of the Kingdom may have crafted. Patterns on the pocket monster’s body resembling those seen in The Legend of Zelda can now be seen on the creature. Which is now composed of a number of separate parts that are bound together by energy. According to vinsear, the developers of Tears of the Kingdom adored the Zonai drawings and wanted to create a Pokemon incorporating them. They decided that Rayquaza would be a good fit for the role. It turned out to be a smart decision, especially considering. How the race’s own artwork featured dragons and how those dragons can be seen in the game.

Artist Mixed Pokemon and Zelda Zonai Rayquaza

The contribution that vinsear submitted recently has received more than 1,400 positive votes. Because they had only played Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda games over the last month. One fan claimed that this is the crossover that they have been waiting for because it combines two of their favorite franchises. One of the commenters referred to the pocket monster as Rayquaza Zonai Construct Form. Which changed its type to one that is Steel and Flying. They also provided it with base stats and a unique attack that they named Zonai Emission as its trademark move. The artwork created by Vinsear is an amazing painting that may be appreciated by anyone. Who are passionate about both The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Pokemon.

vinsear has uploaded more than just the Rayquaza essay on Reddit, in case you were wondering. In addition to those paintings, the artist has created additional pieces that include a variety of Pokemon. Such as Charizard and Gengar. Vinsear gave certain pocket monsters the appearance of mermaids throughout the entirety of the month of May. This features the Legendary Pokemon Kyogre, in addition to Dragalge and Sealio. Additionally, Reddit user develops works based on other video game titles, such as Elden Ring and Hollow Knight, amongst others. Their artwork is incredible, and we can only hope that they will keep producing works that members of the video gaming community may continue to appreciate and take pleasure in enjoying.


The artist has ingeniously combined elements from the beloved video game franchises Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda. Resulting in a captivating fusion that appeals to fans of both worlds. With their unique art style. The artist has created a memorable piece that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who takes the time to appreciate it. By blending traditional and innovative techniques, the artwork of Zonai Rayquaza stands out as a remarkable and imaginative creation.

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