How to Play as Chamber in Valorant – Complete Guide

Chamber is a character in the game Valorant who is both a protector and an assassin. However, chamber guide valorant, using Chamber effectively requires a certain level of skill and knowledge. This is how you can be successful on Chambers. Chamber’s skills in playing as an assassin in Valorant are very graceful. Chamber’s defensive methods change Valorant by focusing on being precise, fast, and knowing where things are.

Fans who are looking for a trustworthy and powerful Agent can depend on Chamber. As an Agent, Chamber uses special weapons to make Valorant’s arsenal even more powerful and destructive. The chamber’s big gun, special sensor, teleporter for meeting up, and super powerful sniper weapon make sure to kill the enemy (a very impressive achievement). In this chamber guide, you will learn all about this agent in Valorant from the beginning.

Everything About Chamber Valorant Guide

Chamber’s entrance in Act 3 of Episode 3 of Valorant was a grand spectacle in and of itself. This Sentinel agent made a spectacular entrance, leaving Future Earth in awe of his formidable weapons. Chamber’s special usefulness, which is closer to that of a duelist than a regular Sentinel, is what sets him apart from the pack. Chamber is an unstoppable force because of his extraordinary versatility. Get ready for an action-packed journey as we delve into the incredible potential of this world-altering agent in the Valorant universe.

Chamber in Valorant is the place to go if you want to conquer the battlefield with absolute certainty thanks to a potent agent. Learn all you need to know about the fearsome French Sentinel Chamber with our comprehensive guide.


He has these great value alarm bots called trademarks that shoot and slows anybody who walks past them but do be careful about where you place them. Enemies can shoot and break them as they are not invisible like Killjoy’s Alarmbot. So, they’re sort of like sage with their slow orbs because they can stop a push and also works like killjoy’s alarm. The range on them is really nice it makes them great at holding sights or watching flanks whichever you need and you get two of them and what’s really nice about them is that the area that they cover is so big so like in some maps like bind you really only need one to cover both flanks and then you can save the other one for the post plan.



This ability isn’t like typical valor abilities as when you summon it it calls up a weapon instead of utility his headhunter is basically a more powerful version of a sheriff pistol with features that are exclusive to chamber himself first off you don’t need to purchase the gun you instead need to purchase bullets for the gun headhunter can hold up to 8 shots at a time and each shot costs 100 credits what makes the headhunter specifically different from a normal sheriff is mainly that it holds eight shots instead of six.


It has an aiming reticle when you ads with it it shoots faster than the sheriff it has better accuracy than the sheriff and most importantly the damage per bullet doesn’t fall off which means rejoice because you won’t be getting 145 damage headshots on fully armored opponents at range anymore using headhunter in combination with other guns makes it a very lethal weapon choice for instance using the marshall with the headhunter is great because of how fast the gun’s pullout time is you can tag an enemy with the marshal and then instantly pull out the headhunter to clean up the kill with ease.


Chamber’s signature ability is rendezvous this ability allows you to place two teleport anchors anywhere on the map while you’re on the ground and in range of an anchor you can reactivate this ability to quickly teleport to the other anchors. They can also pick up the anchor and redeploy it at a different location on the map. They also have a 20 second cooldown timer between uses beware though there is a set range limitation for teleporting between anchors. When placing anchors, looking at the minimap will display an outline of the anchor that has been placed. So, that you will know how close you need to be in order to place your second anchor to stay in activatable range.

Tour de force

Chamber calls his ultimate ability “Tour de Force,” which involves him pulling out his custom sniper rifle with unique caveats that distinguish it from the operator. This ability costs seven ultimate points and it gives five bullets some great attributes of his ultimate that separates tour de force from the operator and marshall is that it one shots to anywhere on the body it shoots almost as fast as a marshall does and it drops a slow field on any kill target sort of like his trademark.

It’s really hard to punish this weapon and find openings to contest it because it re-chambers rounds so fast you can’t gain a significant ground even after he takes a shot not to mention if the shot lands there’s a slow fill making it even harder for enemies to push through when paired with his rendezvous he can choose between playing retake or committing to anchoring.


In simpler words, becoming skilled with Chamber guide, the powerful French character in Valorant, requires a good understanding of his unique abilities and the way he is played. Now, you have everything you need to do your best and succeed in the battlefield with the help of our detailed tutorial.

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