How to Play as Cypher in Valorant – Complete Guide

Cypher is a very important character in the Valorant universe because of her exceptional ability to collect information. The Moroccan information broker is a very important member of a successful team. They work alone, but their job is to watch and keep track of everything the enemy does. Become a highly skilled information gatherer in Valorant by using our detailed guide for the character Cypher. The guide provides helpful tips and techniques for each of his abilities and includes great Spycam placements for every map. If you are experienced or new, our guide has helpful tips to stay ahead of competitors and help your team.

Everything About Cypher in Valorant

Cypher’s remarkable intelligence-gathering talents make him one of the most effective operatives in Valorant. His long-range vision and tracking skills are a huge asset to his team in tight matches. As Cypher is the only agent capable of accurately monitoring adversaries around the map, he is the most crucial component of any group.

The goal of Cypher is broader than data collection. To get the most of his knowledge, a team has to be able to communicate well with one another, allowing everyone to make snap decisions and work together for maximum efficiency. While Cypher is not Valorant’s most abrasive agent, it in no way diminishes his importance. Because of his precise accuracy and quick reflexes, his team often depends on him to hold off the enemy. Cypher rapidly becomes indispensable when players assume his role or try to vanquish him.


Cypher’s tripwire the most annoying ability in the game. Cypher’s tripwire is a destructible and covert tripwire that attacking agents can use by placing it at a target location spanning between the placement location and the opposite wall. Crossing the tripwire will tether, reveal, and daze any enemy for a short time, unless they destroy the device. Players can also pick up and redeploy the ability before activation, and it can be destroyed by shooting it once with any gun or if a damaging ability like Raze’s grenade explodes onto it.

When tripwiring off the flanks, you need to take care of all possible threats that an enemy could flank from. Ensure that the flank wire cannot be jumped or ducked, and that enemies cannot go around it. The goal isn’t actually to catch someone with that flank wire it’s to force the enemies to shoot it and alert you to their position if they do decide to flank on.

Cyber Cage

Next up we have Cyber Cage this is a seven second smoke that is hollow in the center, cypher can throw and activate from any distance to create a temporary zone that blocks vision from the enemies. Whenever enemies walk into or out of one of the edges of the smoke, they create an audible noise that alerts the player, making it possible to detect their presence inside or movement in and out of the smoke.


Combining it with his trip wire maximizes its effectiveness as it makes the wire harder to spot. When you throw it correctly, it also blocks the enemies’ view of the wire’s edges that they must shoot, providing more time to eliminate them through the smoke since the trip wire exposes them.

Spy Camera


A camera that cypher can place at a targeted location within a certain range of himself and once placed he can reuse the ability to take control of the camera view from any distance to look around. He can fire through camera to shoot a tracking dart. Dart is removable and will periodically reveal the location of the enemy hit. Shooting at once with any gun destroys the camera too.


Approaching the site without detection is difficult as Cypher can deploy a camera at nearly every bomb site, revealing all enemies before they get too close. This allows Cypher’s team to fully rotate and arrive in time to intercept the enemy before they can make a move.

Neural Theft

Last but not least, we have neural theft this is cypher’s ultimate ability and requires an enemy corpse to use. Cypher will throw his hat onto the corpse and after a short time all the live enemy locations will be revealed.


Whenever your team rushes aside and secures the entry frag, you can walk up and utilize your ultimate to determine the direction of the enemy’s approach. This enables you to set up a post plant effectively and avoid getting picked off.


Cypher is more than simply a support agent; he is an essential part of every Valorant squad. Because of him, his side has a decisive tactical edge on the battlefield. Cypher can supply invaluable insight to his squad thanks to his exceptional intelligence collecting talents and his ability to follow foes around the battlefield. Cypher is not the most combative agent, but he is a deadly foe because to his pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast reflexes. This tutorial will teach you how to get the most out of him so you can improve your game and help your team win.

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