How to Play Reyna in Valorant – Complete Guide

Reyna is a super threatening character in Valorant. She defeats anyone who stands in her way by using her scary icy blood and powerful Radiant skills. Reyna comes from, or is originally from, Mexico. She enjoys the thrill of winning fights and is highly skilled at fighting individually. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about Reyna in Valorant, starting from the very basics.

Reyna’s success depends only on her natural talent and ability to perform well in stressful situations, unlike other Agents who rely on tools and technology. This person is a character who takes big risks and can get big rewards. This means that every action and decision she makes will impact how the fight goes.

You will have a clever and brave fighter named Reyna on your team who will never give up in a fight. Get ready to be the best on the battlefield with Reyna. Improve your skills and be prepared to dominate.

Everything About Reyna

Want to make a name for yourself as a solitary Valorant player? If you’re looking for the best Duelist, go no further than Reyna. Self-healing and the option to flee from battles with several foes make her an ideal agent for those who prefer to go it alone. Imagine Phoenix if she had some additional moves under her sleeve.

We have put in numerous hours of research and talked with some of the game’s finest players and coaches to fully understand Reyna’s signature style of play. If you want to become unstoppable with Reyna, this guide is the only thing you’ll ever need. You must first learn to control her skills. Now that you have our professional advise, you can drop bombs and rule the battlefield.


Reyna’s first ability, Leer, is a blind similar to Phoenix flash or Breach’s flash, that costs 200 credits. The difference is, it will only blind opponents if the eye is on their screen, so they have to actively be looking at it.


Additionally, the eye itself can be shot at and destroyed, having only 100 health. The way you want to use her blind is to peek with it, this way the opponent will both be blinded, as well as have to choose whether to shoot where they think you’ll pop out, or shoot at the eye to destroy it.


This leads to one of the most common mistakes players make with Reyna: throwing her blind behind themselves. If you line yourself up with the eye, then the opponent will end up shooting you when they try to shoot the eye. You can cast it through walls, this way the opponent doesn’t see the orb traveling through the air, and it essentially pop flashes them.


Next, we have Reyna’s heal ability, Devour, which costs 100 credits, and you also get one free charge of it every round. Whenever Reyna kills an opponent they will drop an orb that lasts for a short period of time. You need to get the finishing kill in order for the orb to drop, and assists also do count.


By activating Devour, you will consume the orb to heal yourself. However, this heal has some very unique features. Firstly, it can actually overheal you, giving you armor. Yes, this means on pistol round, if you get a kill, you can suddenly overheal yourself to get 50 armor even if you’re at 100 health. Keep in mind though, it will only last 30 seconds before it expires. Additionally, you can’t overheal past 150 health + armor.

There are some other downsides to it as well, when you cast it, it creates a line connecting you to the orb. The enemy can not only see this tether, but also hear it, so when you heal off an orb you have to realize it will reveal to the opponent exactly where you are.


Moving on to Reyna’s next ability, Dismiss, which makes you invulnerable for a few seconds. This ability shares its charges with the previous ability, Devour, and follows the same process of being used on orbs that drop. Be aware though, while you are invulnerable and take no damage, you’re not able to shoot and it will take a massive amount of time to get your weapon out after the ability ends, so you want to use this ability to disengage after a kill and reposition and get to cover.


Dismiss will make a trailing sound to the enemy when you cast it, along with a massive sound that is a footstep circle and a half far once the ability ends, so realize that although you’re invulnerable and can reposition, good players will know where you are. This ability will also give you a boost of movement speed at the beginning of the cast, again, helping you resposition.


Last but not least, we have Reyna’s ultimate, Empress. This requires 6 ult points to charge, and gives a massive boost to your attack speed, and reload time, it essentially gives you Brimstone’s stim beacon. It also makes your screen slightly darker, which I’m going to be honest, is a bit annoying, but will also fully highlight any enemies you see similar to how opponents look in Viper’s ultimate.

This buff will last 30 seconds and it resets with every kill Reyna gets. On top of this, it has unique interactions with her Devour and Dismiss abilities. Devour, her heal, will now activate automatically on kills and doesn’t consume the soul orb. What’s amazing is that this automatic heal doesn’t cause a tether that reveals you to the enemy and it doesn’t stop if you go behind walls.

Dismiss on the other hand will grant her invisibility on top of being invulnerable. However, this invisibility is way weaker than people realize. For one, you actually make a sound if you get too close to an opponent, you can see the ring on the minimap indicating when an opponent will hear you. On top of this, when you come out of invisibility, you make a super loud noise that is heard a footstep circle and a half away.

Wrapping Up

To become really skilled at playing Reyna in Valorant, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the character. Her powers, which resemble those of a vampire, can make her a formidable foe. It is crucial to learn how to manage these powers. Improve your skills as Reyna by following our expert strategies and useful tips.

If you want to become a strong Duelist, there are a few things you can do. First, pay attention to what’s going on around you. Second, work well with your team. And finally, make sure you use Reyna’s abilities effectively. These tips will help you improve your chances of success. You have everything you need to beat others in the game. You have a special set of tools made specifically for you and you can also receive guidance from the top players and coaches in the game.

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