How to Play as Jett in Valorant – Complete Guide

Jett was the 10th person to become part of the Valorant team. She joined because she wanted to help her home country, South Korea. Because she is a Radiant, she can control the wind and do things that others cannot do. Jett is really good at fighting. She moves quickly and uses clever moves, which lets her defeat her opponents before they even know what happened.
In this guide, you will learn everything about the agent named Jett in the game Valorant.

Everything About Jett in Valorant

The epitome of agility is Jett. She distinguishes out from the crowd with her ability to engage in direct battle and deftly avoid hostile fire. In addition, only Jett is capable of navigating the map. What precisely distinguishes Jett from the other Agents in the server, then? You can understand it by reading our examination of Valorant’s quick-moving Agent cloud surfer. Learn the secrets of Jett’s unmatched speed and dexterity so you may harness her strength for yourself.

Jett’s talents display her elusive fighting style right away. She is a force to be reckoned with because of her quickness in avoiding her foes. Now let’s examine this powerful Duelist’s arsenal and the special skills that give her such lethal combat prowess. Prepare to learn Jett’s sneaky strategies and amazing agility’s secrets!


This smoke will spontaneously materialise after impact with any solid surface. Cloudburst strength is in its rapid growth, which allows you to immediately respond to opposing plays and seal off weak spots during an assault. To utilise this skill, simply centre the crosshair over the target region and pull the trigger; the smoke will settle precisely where you aimed. Keep in mind the effects of gravity as you attempt to fling Cloudbursts further or higher to ensure that they land exactly where you want them to.


After using Cloudburst, you may control its flight by pressing and holding the ability key. You may now easily bypass obstructions that would be difficult to bypass with a standard ability push. Cloudburst’s portability also makes it possible to smoke out restricted areas without exposing oneself to opposing sightlines.



With this ability, you may soar through the air and drop in on your foes from a surprising vantage point. You should be able to eliminate your foes before they have a chance to react or flip onto your character model, unless there is a huge group of them peeping at you. Extra placement like this is quite effective because it forces the enemy to reevaluate whether or not it is worth it to peek out from the middle again.

In order to completely throw off the opposition, you might employ the double peek tactic with a partner. The many boost spots available with Updraft should be used to your advantage, as they may provide for simple choices and improve your team’s chances of winning the round, whether you’re defending or attacking.


Jett’s signature ability consists of her lightning-fast speed and the ability to travel large distances in an instant. Changing the dash’s starting direction is a hidden feature of Tailwind that many new players miss. When you want to dash forward, you normally just press W and point your crosshair in that direction, but this skill comes in in when you need to dash in a different direction.


You may utilise tailwind to sprint in any direction other than forward by pressing the corresponding movement key, such as left, right, or back. You may also use a combination of directional keys to take a skewed path. One of the best ways to outmanoeuvre and ambush foes from several directions is to make use of the tailwind ability.

Blade Storm

Finally, there’s Jett’s ultimate blade storm. Jett will now have five deadly precise throwing knives. You can keep your target in your crosshairs even if you’re running with them. If you want to make it harder for your foes to strike you while they have to stand still to maintain accuracy with their weapons, you should move while using the ability blade storm.

Left-clicking to use this ability will cause you to throw a single dagger, dealing 50 to the body and 150 to the head. Blade storm is best used in this fashion since it lets you to focus on precision rather than speed while throwing knives, and because your foes will take longer to kill you as they try to adapt their aim to your movement.


A combination of the appropriate mentality and skill set is needed to become a master of Jett in Valorant. Despite the difficulties, any player may learn to master this agile agent’s special skills and rule the battlefield. Jett is a force to be reckoned with because to her elusive moves and lethal accuracy. This in-depth guide offers a variety of strategies to help you maximize Jett’s abilities and improve your Valorous gaming. Don’t think twice; fly with Jett to give your squad the win.

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