How to Play as Killjoy in Valorant – Complete Guide

Meet Killjoy, the German defender in Valorant who stays calm and has a relaxed approach to the game. She is unique and interesting because she looks different and is always calm. However, even though she appears relaxed, you should not underestimate her strength and skills in a fightThis guide will tell you everything about the agent in Valorant.

Everything About Killjoy in Valorant

Killjoy is the ideal choice if you’re new to Valorant and want an Agent that can hold her own. Players are able to ease into the game without feeling overwhelmed thanks to her armory of tools and utilities, which do the majority of the job for her.

But don’t confuse her simplicity for insignificance; Killjoy has repeatedly shown herself to be an important part of the game’s dynamic metas. Mastering her abilities and incorporating her into your Agent rotation are thus essential. We’ll give you the lowdown on her skills and demonstrate how to effectively utilize them in our Killjoy tutorial. At the end, you’ll be equipped with this superior sentinel and prepared to rule the battlefield.



Killjoy’s signature ability is her turret. This men-killing robot has been engineered to hold a 180-degree line of sight and engage any hostile that enters its vision, including Yoru’s clone. When the turret isn’t actively shooting a shoulder-peaking duelist, it is still Gathering valuable information for your team.


When you aggressively place turret and it is silent, then it is often a good indication that enemies aren’t in that line of sight thus allowing you to relay this to your teammates to take your defenses elsewhere. Like every ability in the game the turret has a number of key characteristics that make up his strengths and limitations. The most obvious drawback of the turret is its 40 meter activation range not only does this tie killjoy down to where she is playing on defense fence but it also tells the enemy that the KJ is near the site.



While the turret can only slow down one attacker at a time, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm is capable of grinding any enemy push to a halt, lasting for four seconds and inflicting a maximum of 180 damage. While you probably won’t get as many kills today as you once could it’s a very important tool to stop pushes and zone enemies and choke points. They are not only frustrating to play against on attack but are equally annoying on defense as well. Players often find that nades on the site which block their attempts to retake it.

Nanostorms are unique in that they require players to set them off after deployment, making them the only grenade in the game with this requirement at present. Players can place Nanostorms around the map and use them reactively to pressure the enemy, thanks to this feature. It only costs 200 credits and is considered very powerful in-game.



Alarm bot is another important piece of utility for KJ players. The alarmbot is quite adaptable and has multiple uses during the round. Players can pick it up and use it later as well. At its core the alarm bot hunts down enemies that get within its range, and explodes making them vulnerable which is a debuff that makes the affected agents take double damage.


Similarly, like her turret the alarmbot has a 40 meter activation range but its enemy detection range is much smaller at 5.5 meters. Before activating, it has a 20-second recall cooldown period, allowing players to place it multiple times in a round, provided attackers do not break it. Players often use it to hold a flank, but it can also clear awkward corners without actually looking at them. As Killjoy, you can accomplish this by simply placing the alarmbot offensively.



Last tool on Killjoy’s belt is her seven orb ultimate The Lockdown. This is a very powerful map control ultimate, also consider to be the best ability in the game for taking space. The range of the ultimate is 32.5 meters meaning a well-placed ultimate can clear the entire site not only is this ultimate very powerful in terms of implications for the enemy setup but it is also amazing for pushing them off of the site allowing you to easily make space for free in a retake situation.


Patch 5.12 brought the first-ever change to the lockdown, increasing its health from 150 to 200. While this may not sound like a big change but it now means Sova shock darts and raze`s satchels can’t break it as they only do Max 150 damage. Kayo’s nade needs to be placed perfectly to destroy it otherwise the damage will fall off and would not be enough.


Generally, compared to other Sentinel competitors, KJ gives greater freedom and flexibility in terms of play style and how to set up your teammates in a match. At the moment, every agent in the game has a variety of play styles, each of which affects the game differently. Killjoy is no exception. The lurk roll is one of the most often ways I see Kiljoy used on the offensive. Though she is not vital, unlike a duelist smoker or initiator like Sova, learning her skills may significantly increase your team’s chances of winning in any game style.

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