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Neon is a character in a video game called Valorant. She is the 18th agent in the game. Neon comes from the Philippines and she is very strong and quick. She can use electricity to defeat her enemies. This guide gives a brief explanation of Neon’s powers and gives some advice for players who want to become really good at playing her.
She is very quick and skilled, which makes her very strong in battles. She is great for people who like to take risks and outsmart their enemies. Get ready to make your gameplay more exciting and intense with Neon. It will make your Valorant matches more thrilling and enjoyable.

Everything About Neon

It might be difficult to control your speed and agility while playing as Neon, the quickest agent in Valorant. Don’t worry, however, as we have you prepared with a thorough tutorial to all of Neon’s skills and how to utilize her in Valorant. We will show you how to fully use Neon’s speed-oriented abilities to win the match. This tutorial will enable you to succeed in the Colorful world of Valorant thanks to her incredible range of abilities and lightning-quick moves. So join us and fasten your seatbelts for an exciting trip.

Fast Lane

Neon shoots out a bolt sort of like Viper’s wall,  but it doesn’t go through walls. You can wall over default box on Haven, jump out of Hookah on Bind, entry pretty well on Breeze. Overall it’s a pretty strong ability that is going to be similar to Jett’s smoke as it protects her as she’s entering onto site. The thing that is most liked about her wall is that it hurts quite a bit if the enemy tries  to push through it. It does about 30 damage per second, but be careful as it hurts your teammates for about 10 damage per second if they try to push through it.

If you have a Kayo, Skye, or Phoenix on your team. Flashing out of this is going to work really well as the enemy’s crosshairs should be all focused on that wall and the noise that your teammates are making. Fast Lane stretches out for pretty far, and isolates one angle, it setups 1v1’s that you’d want to take. 

Relay Bolt


Arguably the strongest tool in Neons’s kit, this ability feels really similar to Breach’s stun, which is already pretty underrated, but instead, she can actually follow up off of it. The way that it works is that the first surface that you throw it off of, it will drop to the floor and stun the ground.


This means that people can find lineups that can stun certain angles, making entering onto site a whole lot easier. Be careful how you use this though as it does have a small windup time, giving the enemies time to side step and get out of the way. You can also stun your teammates along as yourself, so while her Relay Bolt is really strong, you need to be careful as to how you’re using it. 

High Gear

Lets talk about her main ability, and that’s high gear. Using this ability allows you to take space pretty quickly, especially in combination with your Fast Lane, and you can rotate across the map fast as the duration of the Sprint is similar to Viper’s smokes.


Special thing about her kit is that if you right click, you perform a slide which recharges every two kills and for every kill, you gain 25 stamina which you can use instantly. You can’t shoot while you’re sprinting the pullout time animation after your slide  is pretty close to zero. Making her slide a really strong entry tool and play making ability. With her High Gear and slide, she can easily follow up off of teammates utility.


Last, and certainly not least, lets talk about ultimate of Neon in Valorant, her Overdrive. So her ultimate is similar to Chamber’s and Jett’s as it essentially gives them real strong weapons and allow them to save their economy and use their abilities instead. Not only that, but when you pop her ultimate, she immediately gets her dash back if you already used it previously, as well as all of your sprint bar.

Keep in mind that unlike with Jett’s bladestorm, you can’t jump around and use it as it makes  you really inaccurate, but, running is ok. As for it’s damage, it’s kind of weird. Since it’s a tracking ultimate and no headshot multiplier, you do damage in ticks. At close range you do 22 damage per tick. The ability does have an infinite range, but at this far of range, the damage is pretty minimal at about 10 damage per tick. But at close range, this thing absolutely melts people.

Wrapping Up

To summarize, being an expert in Neon in Valorant calls for a singular set of abilities as well as a daring mindset. In the battlefield, she is an intimidating foe because to her lightning-fast moves and vast array of speed-based skills. Each player, however, has the potential to harness the might of Neon and completely dominate the field of play if they have the correct mentality and have mastered her powers.

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