How to Play as Yoru in Valorant – Complete Guide

Yoru is a unique fighter in Valorant. He is designed to appear like the enemy team and cause chaos with his teleportation powers. Yoru, who is from Japan, is really good at lying and being aggressive. He can use his special ability to deceive his enemies by making things seem different than they really are. He is weak in close combat, but players who plan ahead and position him strategically can make good use of him. Whether you have experience or are new, our Yoru guide for Valorant has all the information you need to become an expert with Yoru and defeat your opponents.

Everything About Yoru

Yoru, a Japanese agent in Valorant, was rebellious and troublesome despite growing up in a martial arts household. Yoru practiced magic because he loved deceit and illusion. He joined “The Kingdom” as a spy to acquire information and destroy other groups as he became older. Yoru stole a sophisticated technology dubbed “Dimensional Rift” to teleport between two places in space during one of his operations.

Valorant’s sly duelist Yoru excels at infiltration and trickery. He has an edge in the battlefield because of his usage of the Dimensional Rift technology, which allows him to shift fast and fluidly between locales. Nonetheless, his flimsiness makes him suffer in many other firefights, and he performs best when he has a good build and foundation before his scene. Yoru rebelled against The Kingdom despite his powers.

Yoru’s Abilities

Yoru uses a mixture of stealth and passive aggression that makes this agent so unique and special in the game, it’s time warping abilities can easily be used for both the Attacking as well as the Defending side of the game. Yoru relies heavily on his utility kit for successful engagements.


·        Cost: 100 Creds

·        Usage: 1 Per Round

When Yoru initiates it, an echo starts to move forward in a straight path. It stops when the timer runs out or it hits a high surface or object. A clone of Yoru will be going along the path; and any opponent that shoots it, will be getting an instant flash in that Area of Explosion.

This ability of Yoru is pretty annoying if you look at the current Meta, players are abusing this ability, as some player can pretend to be Yoru’s fake clone, while it’s the actual character in itself. This is a very annoying ability of Yoru, that literally plays with the opponents minds and disturbing the whole game equilibrium. This ability is great for creating Chaos, when rushing a bombsite or when defending a multi directional bombsite, like A on Haven.


·        Cost: 250 Creds

·        Usage: 2 Per Round

Yoru’s flash is blindside. When performed, he wears a fragment. You’ll fling the piece into the air. Any surface will cause this piece to ricochet off of it before it explodes, flashing any nearby foes or friends.

Yoru’s strongest skill is this. It makes it simpler for him to approach the explosives location and engage in 1v1 combat. He has the ability to illuminate his opponents for a simpler battle. Before approaching a choke point, you can also use BlindSide to illuminate anyone nearby, making it simpler for you to escape.

It functions as a bomb that is more effective as a decoy than a destructive missile. You’re on the correct track if you’re thinking of Call of Duty’s Flashbangs. Particularly helpful if you’ve been able to sneak up on an adversary who’s involved in a battle in order to blind them and let your squad kill them. Just remember that you must ricochet them off of barriers. When used effectively, these can balance the chances in one-on-one interactions.


·        Cost: 100 Creds

·        Usage: 2 Per Round

Yoru can launch a rift theatre using gatecrash, and it will advance before stopping when it’s unable to longer do so at maximum speed. You can also set up a tether for a fixed gap. Yoru will teleport to the area where the rift theatre is when the ability is renewed. If the adversaries are really near to the cable, they will be able to see it and hear it. It can also be destroyed by enemies.

Yoru uses Gatecrash, a fissure tether, to transport to a location within a predetermined frame of time. The majority of the time, you’ll want to use this skill to sneak behind hostile lines. The ability, however, has some additional uses. Since enemies can travel through it and fire through it, you are able to utilize it as a trap. If they enter the rift, however, you can use your entire squad to wipe them out in one fell swoop. It’s a useful weapon for getting out of battles you realize you can’t win.


When Yoru reaches the location to which he teleported, an auditory signal will be given. The foes will be made aware of his existence in that area of the game because it makes a louder sound than typical footsteps. Finding worth in this talent is challenging. The landscape prevents you from placing the teleport precisely where you would like because he rebounds off the surfaces. You forfeit a sound indication once you reach your location. It takes a while for the teleport to complete and for you to be able to transition to your firearm.

Dimensional Drift


·        Cost: 6 Ultimate Points

·        Usage: Whenever the ultimate is ready

Yoru can travel around the area unnoticed by enemies thanks to the Dimensional Drift, hiding both his visible and audible existence unless they’re very near to the player. In this condition, Sova and Cypher devices are simple to walk past, and as you infiltrate, you virtually have invulnerability. Decide with your squad whether it would be best to use you as a diversion or to create new, bold lanes to flank or attack on adversaries. This Ultimate can change the course of any fight with the proper setup.


His ultimate can be used to attempt to sneak behind hostile lines. Getting information about how many individuals and from where are protecting that bombsite is also helpful.

Wrapping It Up

Yoru is a fascinating and original character in Valorant, standing out from the crowd thanks to his defiant nature and his fascination with magic and ancient martial arts. Teleportation, false footfalls, and blinding tactics are just a few of his potent skills that make him a dangerous and unpredictable opponent on the battlefield and a vital addition to any squad. Yoru’s past as a spy and membership in a shadowy group give depth and mystery to his persona, making him an intriguing character study. In sum, Yoru is a fascinating new character in the Valoran universe.

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