Dead Island 2 Guide For Combat

The release of Dead Island 2 was something that, in and of itself, didn’t appear to be very likely for a long time. Dambuster is the crew that will finally get it to the finish line after it has been in production for more than a decade across at least four different studios. Now that it’s finally here, be sure to bring our Dead Island 2 hints and strategies along with you on your journey through “Hell-A” so that you can avoid being devoured by the many zombies that are shambling throughout Los Angeles in areas such as the beach boardwalks, Hollywood hills, and other parts of the city. Because we have already invested a significant amount of time into the game in order to discover these useful clues, you will be able to make use of our knowledge right from the start.

Dead Island 2 Combat Guide

Dodge rather than block whenever given the choice

You will have to make a decision early on in the game over which ability to activate first: the block/parry ability or the dodge ability. You can’t have both of them because they use the same button and the same place in your skill tree; however, you may switch back and forth between the two whenever you want as long as you are willing to pause the game each time you do so. Independently of one another, a few of us on the team arrived at the same verdict: Dodge is the better option. Make use of that in order to avoid danger with a degree of certainty that appears to be unattainable through the block-and-parry approach.

Use zombies as the labor force

The fact that zombies are completely oblivious is one of their best qualities. You may turn this circumstance to your advantage by arranging for them to injure each other on occasion. This is most frequently the case with crushers, a large and savage type of undead that engage in maneuvers that include ground-pounding anytime you come near to them. If you time your jump well, you will be able to evade the impacts of this assault, but the zombies that are nearby will continue to take damage. Those knaves aren’t capable of jumping.

Environmental deaths save durability

Both the previous suggestion and this one will help you save money on the durability of your product. The environment of Dead Island 2 is rife with options for unique and almost completely hands-free ways to destroy enemies. Throwing an electrified shuriken into a pool of gas can cause it to burst and burn, perhaps killing many zombies at once. This is preferable to repeatedly hitting a zombie with your axe four times. If you execute deeds like this on a regular basis, it will do wonders to preserve your greatest weapons in outstanding condition for the times when you will need them the most.

Kick runners close to stop their onslaught

Runners are not difficult to identify; they are the individuals who are dashing relentlessly in your direction, of course. If you try to time a swing of your weapon, you run the risk of missing, and they may even be able to avoid it and counter you. Always start out with a kick (click the right stick) as they arrive within range. This will prevent this from happening and ensure that you get the first (and maybe only) hits in. This causes them to lose their footing, leaving them vulnerable to an assault from your weapon shortly after it.

Use the high ground

You may gain the upper hand in a conflict by strategically positioning yourself on higher ground, much like Obi-Wan did when Anakin went rogue. Well, at least most of the time. It is recommended that you do this action while armed with a lengthy weapon, such as a pole or a pitchfork. You should also be aware that other runners can still climb atop cars just as you can, despite the fact that some runners will be left helplessly reaching like fans in the front row of a Harry Styles performance.

Most opponents are your level, but some are stronger

Dead Island 2 loves to push you at all times, so you can never truly over-level for any single mission–at best, we were just one level ahead of some foes at times, and just as frequently under-leveled despite performing a number of side missions. This implies that side tasks discovered at level 10 will level with you. If you postponed such a quest until you reached level 15, the assignment’s adversaries would also climb to your level; it would no longer be a mission with level-10 zombies. Dambuster’s Los Angeles has no cakewalks. In truth, certain adversaries will be purposely over-leveled and marked with a red skull icon next to their HP, and it’s advisable to return later in these circumstances. You’ll be able to match their level, but owing to the previously described mechanics, you’ll never be able to outperform them.


In conclusion, Dead Island 2 is a challenging and enthralling game that calls for the use of many strategies and talents in order to live. The key to being successful in the game is having a firm grasp on the fundamentals of fighting, including the ability to recognize foes, become proficient with a variety of weapons and special strikes, and be aware of how to avoid and escape from assaults. Players will have an easier time getting forward in Dead Island 2 and will still have a nice time playing if they use our combat guide.

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