Dead Island 2: Instructions On How To Get Fuses

When you start exploring the environment in Dead Island 2, it won’t be long before you realize that you’re going to need fuses more than you ever imagined. If you are able to locate these helpful electronic gadgets and place them where they go, you will be able to access large stockpiles of weaponry that had previously been locked away. Thankfully, there is a tried-and-true approach that is also rather straightforward for locating fuses, but you can only apply it successfully once you have mastered it the first time. At the beginning of the game, the game doesn’t precisely explain fuses as simply as it does rapid travel. Utilizing our guide to Dead Island 2 fuses can help you avoid squandering time.

Dead Island 2 – How to Get Fuses

If you are playing Dead Island 2 and are reading this guide, you have probably already learned that the only thing preventing you from entering some of the game’s many closed doors are fuses. Visit any of the game’s merchants in order to get fuses. They are indicated by a dollar symbol on both your compass and map, and you may find them in the majority of the safehouses scattered over the world.

No matter where you buy them, fuses always cost $1,500 each. And the most you can ever have on you at any given time is three. To the best of our knowledge. There is no method to increase the number of fuses or medical kits that you are able to carry at one time. In contrast to many other goods, fuses cannot be crafted. Thus you should buy as many as you can afford whenever you get the opportunity to do so. It is in your best interest to carry a complete loadout of three fuses at all times so that you can unlock the numerous fuse doors found around LA. At the beginning of the story, $1,500 is a significant amount of money yet. Towards the middle of the story, this amount is considered to be nothing more than pocket change.

You will discover a large number of crafting supplies, cash, and, most importantly. A chest that contains a weapon inside of the locked chambers may be unlocked with fuses. Even though the majority of weapon drops in the game are random. The weapons that you can discover in these specific chests. These are known as “Zomproof Slayer Hoards” (not to be confused with hordes of zombies that have been slain). Are often of higher worth and quality than the weapons that you may find just lying about the environment.

Be aware, though, that these rooms are frequently set up with traps. Even though it is relatively easy to tell. When they have been set up with traps since tripwires will be flowing across the space in a variety of ways. Either you may smash these tripwires from a safe distance or you can entice zombies to close them and then dropkick them into the traps to clear the space for you. Either way, this will clear the room for you.


To summarize, Dead Island 2 is an excellent video game that tests players’ ability to think strategically. And perform well under pressure. It is absolutely necessary for your success in the game that you know both. Where to find fuses and how to utilize them. Players will be able to learn how to locate fuses. And put them to good use if they first have a knowledge of the game’s fundamentals. And then follow the directions that are offered in this article.

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