Destiny 2: New Weapon Swap Delay Will Be Dialed Back Soon

As part of the latest update for Destiny 2, Bungie introduced a restriction on weapon-swap delay to address an exploit that allowed players to inflict significantly more damage than intended. However, this change unintentionally caused frustration for some players, even those who were not utilizing the exploit, as it resulted in a delay during which they were unable to fire their weapons. Bungie has now shared additional information regarding the reasoning behind this adjustment and has assured fans that the delay will be reduced.

The exploit involving shotguns allowed players to engage a boss, access their inventory, switch from a slug shotgun to another shotgun (particularly the Fourth Horseman), and then unleash a barrage of shots on the enemy. When executed correctly and under appropriate conditions, this method could swiftly eliminate boss enemies that would normally require lengthy encounters spanning several minutes.

In order to address the exploit, the patch introduced a delay after weapon swapping. After swapping a weapon in the inventory. There is now a two-second period during which the newly equipped weapon cannot be fired. This measure effectively hinders those who attempt to exploit the game but also proves inconvenient for players who legitimately swap weapons and then have to wait for two seconds before being able to fire. It should be noted that this issue will only affect a relatively small group of players. As it requires both a fast internet connection and a fast PC, and such behavior is uncommon for most players.

Bungie has provided further clarification on the reasons behind this change. Explaining that the shotgun exploit was not the only issue that needed to be addressed. The Destiny 2 development team stated in a series of tweets that in order to fix the underlying problem safely. A global firing delay was necessary when swapping weapons via the inventory screen. Due to variations in networking conditions among players and environments. Guaranteeing the shortest possible delay to address the exploit was not feasible.

However, with the current two-second delay in place, Bungie has gathered sufficient data to reduce the delay to one second. This adjustment will be implemented shortly after the launch of Season 21, which is scheduled for May 23. Season of the Deep, as it is called, will also introduce various other changes and additions, such as significant updates to Exotic armor, new methods of obtaining Exotic armor and craftable weapons, new Strand Aspects, and more.


In conclusion, the recent implementation of a weapon swap delay in Destiny 2 aimed to address this. An exploit that allowed players to deal excessive damage. While this delay has caused frustration for some players, Bungie has acknowledged the issue. And reassured fans that they will be reducing the delay from two seconds to one second. This adjustment will be introduced shortly after the launch of Season 21. Overall, Bungie’s commitment to balancing the game. And addressing exploits demonstrates their ongoing efforts to improve the Destiny 2 experience for all players.

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