Destiny 2 Why Cayde-6’s Return Was Destined

Destiny 2 is more than just a shooting and looting game, though. The players’ mission as Guardians is to save an alien being known as The Traveller from its mortal nemesis, The Darkness. While Destiny 2’s narrative, characters, and naming conventions aren’t always successful, the ever-present Vanguards are.

The Vanguards are a special group of Guardians dedicated to defending the universe and enforcing The Traveler’s will. Commander Zavala of the Titans and Ikora Rey of the Warlocks are the factions’ current Vanguards. Once led by the Exo Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard has been leaderless since his assassination at the hands of Uldren Sov and The Scorn Barons. The announcement of The Final Shape expansion at the recent PlayStation Showcase, however, means that Cayde-6 will return.

Destiny 2 Isn’t The Same Without Cayde-6’s

There has been a gaping void at the heart of Destiny 2 ever since Cayde-6 was killed out in the Forsaken expansion. In addition to his duties as the Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6 offered a sense of humour and a relaxed demeanour to the team. Cayde-6, portrayed by the incomparable Nathan Fillion, was not your normal Guardian. Cayde-6’s aversion to formality and norms made him unpredictable, humorous, and easy to enjoy in contrast to the serious Zavala and the knowledge-seeking Ikora Rey.

Cayde-6’s death was felt by many characters and gamers. Residents of the Tower, such as Amanda Holliday, Zavala, and Ikora, speak highly of him. The Colonel, his beloved chicken, misses him so much that he has taken up Cayde-6’s old perch in The Tower. Bungie ultimately built a monument in The Tower to honour the slain Hunter Vanguard with the release of the Lightfall expansion.

The pieces would fall into place with Destiny 2 Cayde-6’s return after his death.

However, Cayde-6’s return to combat was revealed in The Final Shape announcement video, thus this heartfelt memorial served as a false herring. Fans were overjoyed to hear that the character will be returning, even if they don’t know exactly how he was resurrected (though his new white outline and the location where he and Ikora Rey are seen chatting both seem to have something to do with it). After all this time, seeing Cayde-6 communicate with Ikora Rey demonstrates that he still has the intellect and desire to do things his way.

It would be intriguing to see how Cayde-6 responds to the drastically altered environment of Destiny 2, given how far the plot has progressed without him. He can provide players insight into what occurred to him after his death and share his thoughts on what was discovered about him after his death. His recorded messages scattered over Titan include his thoughts, and the lore book titled “The Man They Called Cayde” is filled with anecdotes about his most recognisable weapons and vehicles.

Cayde-6’s interactions with enemies-turned-friends like Empress Caitl, The Spider, and Crow are the most intriguing. Both of these later figures contributed indirectly to Cayde-6’s demise, and the Exo wasn’t fond of them to begin with. Cayde-6’s amiability and capacity for forgiveness would be put to the test if he were forced to work alongside them.

With Cayde-6’s return to the Guardians in hand, The Final Shape is shaping up to be a fitting end to the Light and Darkness tale. Players who want to make sense of Destiny 2’s plot, which involves resurrected buddies, adversaries turned friends, and Guardians wielding the Darkness will need to brush up on the game’s backstory.


The return of Cayde-6’s, one of the most beloved characters in the Destiny 2 universe, has been a momentous event for fans of Destiny 2. In this article, we’ve delved into the reasons why Cayde-6’s return was destined, examining the impact of his character, his significance to the storyline, and the emotions it has stirred within the player community. From the charismatic personality to the memorable voice lines, Cayde-6’s reappearance has breathed new life into the game, reigniting players’ excitement and setting the stage for thrilling adventures to come.

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