Diablo 4 Server Slam Beta And Everything We Know

Blizzard is gearing up for the third and final playtest of Diablo IV, dubbed Server Slam, which will begin in a matter of days after the conclusion of the second beta phase. The purpose of this playtest is to evaluate the online infrastructure that will be used in the final game, thus it’s a great chance for players to try out Diablo IV for free and see whether it suits their tastes. All five courses will be available for testing at the Fractured Peaks hub during Server Slam. The details of the Diablo IV Server Slam, like as when it will begin, what content will be available, what classes players may pick from, what awards they can gain, and more, will all be detailed in this post.

Diablo 4 Server Slam Beta Start Date

The Diablo IV Server Slam is set to take place from May 12-14 and will be accessible on multiple platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. Unlike the beta version, this playtest will only be available for the duration of three days, in contrast to the beta’s two-weekend format with progress carrying over between weekends. It’s important to note that progress made during the beta weekends will not carry over to the Server Slam, and any progress achieved during the Server Slam will not be transferred to the full game. However, if players already have the game client installed, they can still utilize it for the Server Slam after updating it. The Server Slam client is currently available for download.

What is included in the Server Slam?

During the Server Slam, players will have access to a familiar portion of content previously featured in the beta tests, specifically the game’s prologue and Act 1. One significant area known as Fractured Peaks will be open for exploration, offering various quests and side activities to engage in.

All five classes are playable during the Server Slam:

  • Druid
  • Barbarian
  • Rogue
  • Necromancer
  • Sorcerer

In addition to progressing through the initial main quests, players will have the opportunity to undertake side quests, uncover hidden areas, and confront a formidable world boss named Ashava. Overcoming this boss will pose a significant challenge since the level cap is set at 20, unlike in the previous beta tests. Only those who manage to reach level 20 will be eligible to receive the exclusive Cry of Ashava mount trophy, which will be further explained below.

The world boss encounter will commence on May 13 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET and will respawn every three hours until May 14 at the same time. It’s an event that players won’t want to miss out on.

Diablo 4 Server Slam Rewards

In addition to the exclusive Cry of Ashava mount trophy, which can only be obtained by defeating the Ashava world boss after reaching level 20, players also have the opportunity to earn the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item. Achieving level 20 is the requirement to obtain this item, and if players have already reached that milestone during the beta test, they are already eligible. These rewards will become available in the full game upon its launch in June, along with the Initial Casualty title, which is granted for reaching the Kyovashad city.

It is important to note that progress made during the Server Slam will not carry over to the full game. However, participating in the Server Slam will provide players with an understanding of the adjusted drop rates for legendary items. During the beta, these drop rates were intentionally increased, but for the Server Slam, they will reflect the rates that will be present at the game’s official launch.

Final Verdict

To sum up, the Diablo 4 Server Slam Beta is a fantastic method for series fans to sample what the complete game will have to offer. Cross-play, custom classes, and other strong features are just a few of the many aspects that make this game stand out and provide a unique experience. Fans will undoubtedly be expecting the complete release of Diablo 4 with bated breath given the quantity of information that has already been public.

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