How to Open Ports: Dota 2 Port Forwarding

A battleground full of well-known fighters and imaginative creatures. Gather your strongest fighters and fight against your enemies. Make your enemies submit as you fight for control and fame. To reach success, you need to overcome challenges and defeat the enemies’ Old.

To do well in the online battle game Dota 2, you need to participate in a big fight. Sometimes, you might experience a delay in your battles, which can make you lose and feel frustrated. So, we offer a simple solution: port forwarding.

Port Forwarding in Dota 2

Port forwarding may appear to be a daunting task, but there is no need to be discouraged. Before we proceed, let us explain how port forwarding functions.

Consider a courier who makes deliveries to your house. Typically, the courier would simply leave your package at the front door. However, with port forwarding, the courier is instructed to deliver the parcel to a specific room in your house.

Port forwarding redirects outgoing and incoming traffic to ports on your network. This allows for a seamless user experience and performance boost at zero expense. Online games, such as Dota 2, benefit immensely from this technology since it becomes easier for them to communicate with servers.

Prerequisites for Dota 2 Port Forwarding

Before proceeding any further, you must gather some necessities for port forwarding. You will require this information if you are opening ports for Dota 2 or any other purpose. You are going to need:

Router & Gaming Device (Static) IP

Remember that your routers and device’s IP must be static. Port forwarding does not work with dynamic IPs, so bear that in mind.

  • Windows: Press Ctrl+R. Write ‘cmd’ in the dialogue box, then press enter. Run the ‘ipconfig’ command. Locate the default gateway (router IP) and IPV4 address (device IP).
  • Mac: Navigate to System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi/Ethernet. At the bottom right, click the ‘Advanced’ button. In the TCP/IP tab, you will find the Router (router IP) and the IPV4 address (device IP).
  • Linux: The procedure to find the router and device IP on each Linux distribution is different. Kindly find both according to your device OS.

Router Login Credentials

You are also going to require login credentials to access your router’s settings menu. Go to any browser and enter your router’s IP address as the URL. You will be redirected to your router’s login page.

You could try using a generic username-password combination like ‘admin-admin’. However, if that doesn’t work, you should look behind your router. It could also be found in the user’s manual that your router came with. Upon finding no information, you could try contacting your ISP.


Ports are represented by single numerical values or ranges. It is required that you specify which ports be opened since the required ports for each game and device are different. The following is a handy chart containing the necessary ports:

Steam27015, 2703627005, 27015-28999

Steps To Enable Port Forwarding for Dota 2

Once you have everything, it will be time to enable port forwarding for Dota 2. Follow these steps:

  • Go to your router’s settings menu.
  • Navigate to the port forwarding section. It may be labeled as something different like Virtual Servers, so don’t worry. Look up what it is for your router.
  • Add a new rule.
  • One by one enter your gaming device’s IP and the necessary ports.
  • Upon completion, save changes. Restart your router to allow changes to take place.

Congratulations! You have now enabled port forwarding for Dota 2.

Verifying Your Success: Checking for Opened Ports

You could start playing, but you should first verify your success. Opened ports may not function as intended, so you need to check to make sure. Follow these steps to do so:

  • From your gaming device, open the Port Checker Tool.
  • Enter the port numbers and begin the verification.
  • If the tool displays any error messages for any of the ports, note them down. There could be a few reasons behind this issue.
  • However, if the tool is connected successfully, then your ports are working correctly. You can start gaming.

Reasons Why Port Forwarding May Not Be Working

After verification, if you found that some ports were not working properly, then it’s a problem. There could be a variety of reasons behind it, so let’s focus on the most common ones.

ISP Restrictions

Your ISP can, in some cases, block some ports. They can even restrict port forwarding, thus preventing it from working. They are usually transparent about it, so it can be easily verified through a teach support call.

Conflicting Rules

If there are multiple port forwarding rules on your router, they can cause conflict. This can prevent them from working altogether. You could try disabling rules that you do not need when doing other tasks.


Your firewall may be blocking incoming and outgoing traffic from the Dota 2 ports. In this case, port forwarding also won’t work.


If you are behind a CGNAT network, then it means you don’t have a public IP address. You become virtually invisible to outside computers, thus making port forwarding useless.

How VPN Can Help

VPNs do a wonderful job of stabilizing your network connection while keeping you safe on the internet. VPN is outstanding at this task, and much more. This is why it was crowned as the best VPN. Some incredible features of VPN include:

  • Unrestricted internet access with blazing-fast VPN speeds.
  • Stable and consistent worldwide access.
  • Support for all platforms with connections to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • High-grade data encryption and no activity logging.


Dota 2 is popular because it has engaging competition and requires clever strategies. It has been a popular and consistent part of the esports market since it first started. Players have become better at fighting in battles over time, and they are still getting even better. You can make your gaming experience better by using port forwarding too. Make it so that it can take advantage of the better performance.

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