Who is Ela in Rainbow Six Siege? History & Personality Analysis

In Rainbow Six Siege, Ela is the code name of a playable operator character who is part of the Grzmot Mine Squadron in the game. She was added to the game as part of the “Operation Blood Orchid” expansion in September 2017. Ela is a defender operator, which means her primary objective is to defend an area from the attacking team.

She has a unique ability called “Grzmot Mines”. which are concussion mines that can temporarily disorient and immobilize enemies caught in their blast radius. She is also equipped with a Scorpion Evo 3 A1 submachine gun as her primary weapon. Ela’s Secondary Weapon is a pistol.

Ela Biography in Rainbow Six Siege

Ela Bosak is the youngest daughter of Jan Bosak, a former commander of the Polish Special Forces unit GROM. She grew up in Wrocław, Poland with her sister, Zofia, who was favored by their father, causing a rift between them. Ela’s grandfather was a significant figure in her life, sharing stories about his time as a Cichociemni during World War II and teaching her to strike supply chains instead of neutralizing individuals.

Ela struggled to commit to a strict military lifestyle due to her defiant personality. She attended her father’s military school but was expelled six months before graduation due to constant bullying. She then moved to Berlin and studied fine arts but eventually accepted a job offer from a private security company. After four years as a PMC in Iraq, she was recruited by GROM and joined her father’s unit to keep his memory close and make amends.

Ela Rainbow Six Siege

Ela’s Expertise in Rainbow Six Siege

She became an expert in Countering Threat Networks (CTN) and helped design advanced exploitation methods to extract intel. In 2017, she was recruited by Rainbow as a first for the international group of elite specialists. Ela participated in Operation Orange Sky, where she dismantled a warlord’s network without harming any civilians. In the 2022 Six Invitational, Ela and her teammates reached the finals, where she faced off against Zofia, resulting in a physical altercation that ultimately led to their estrangement. Ela left Rainbow and joined Nighthaven with her teammates.

Ela’s Personality in Rainbow Six Siege

Ela Bosak is an independent, creative, and rebellious individual who has experienced many losses in Iraq. Her father’s sudden death has driven her to prove her worth to him and make amends. She sets high standards for herself and leads high-risk operations, but her autonomy can cause conflicts with authority. Despite her impulsive nature, Ela’s adaptability and creative resilience have proven to be valuable qualities in the field.

She carries the deep impression of her father’s influence, which has made her finely tuned to patterns and behaviors around her. Ela’s defiance extends to her personal life, where she roams the streets at night to listen to strangers and gain fresh perspectives. She is determined to kick the status quo into shape.

Ela’s Gameplay in Rainbow Six Siege

The Light Armored Operator, Ela, is equipped with three Grzmot Mines that can disorient any enemies within their range. These mines can be thrown and stuck to any surface, whether it be walls, ceilings, floors, or even furniture. Despite the visual effect of the “sticky bag” on the Mines puffing up over time in-game, there is no need to wait before tossing the Mine onto the desired surface. After sticking to a surface, Grzmot Mines take a second to arm themselves before they can detonate if triggered.

Ela’s Grzmot Mines

While the Grzmot Mine is arming itself, a visual radius will appear on the player’s screen, indicating the mine’s triggering range. The mines are triggered when an enemy enters their proximity, with a radius of 4 meters. Once triggered, the Grzmot Mines instantly explode, concussing anyone within their blast radius, including teammates. The concussion effects include temporary blindness, disrupted hearing and vision, inability to sprint, and more. The concussion effect lasts for 5 seconds.

Ela Rainbow Six Siege

To trigger the Grzmot Mines, an enemy needs to be in proximity and in line of sight with the mine. If an enemy is in proximity but not in line of sight with the mine, the mine will not detonate. The blast radius of the mines is slightly larger than their proximity radius, and the mines require sight of the upper torso to take effect.

Ela’s Counters in Rainbow Six Siege

Players can counter Ela’s Grzmot Mines in several ways. IQ can detect the mines with her Electronics Detector, shoot them from a safe distance. Also disable them for 10 seconds with Thatcher’s EMP grenades. Twitch can scout and destroy the mines from a safe distance. Zero’s Argus Camera lasers can destroy them if aimed carefully. Kali’s LV Lances and Flores’ RCE-RATERO Drones can also destroy Grzmot Mines.

Additionally, if Finka activates her Adrenal Surge while she or her teammates are affected by a Grzmot Mine. The duration of the concussion effect is greatly reduced. The rate at which a Surged player recovers from a Grzmot is the same rate at which Ela recovers normally.

To Wrap it all Up

Ela is a playable operator character in Rainbow Six Siege, added in the “Operation Blood Orchid” expansion in 2017. She is a defender operator equipped with “Grzmot Mines,” which can temporarily disorient and immobilize enemies caught in their blast radius.

Ela is the youngest daughter of a former commander of the Polish Special Forces unit GROM. She has a rebellious personality and a love for fine arts. She is an expert in Countering Threat Networks (CTN) and has participated in many high-risk operations. Ela’s Grzmot Mines can be countered by several other operators in the game.

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