Mastering Dust 2 Callouts to Dominate in CSGO

The CS:GO map Dust 2 is well-known to all players. It first appeared in Counter-Strike: 1.6 and is regarded as one of the most illustrious levels in the game’s whole history. The majority of gamers probably aren’t aware of the CSGO callouts for Dust 2. The player population has become increasingly used to every area of the game as these callouts have developed over time. Even while Dust 2 isn’t now part of the Active Duty map pool, it won’t be long before it is reintroduced to the competitive play rotation.

To advance in the game, players must get acquainted with the callouts that are specific to each map. For example, the callouts on CSGO Inferno are distinct from those on Dust 2. We have created a list of CSGO callouts for Dust 2 that you can use to make sure your team plays similarly to the best CSGO teams on the map.

Essential CSGO Dust 2 Callouts

In a perfect world, you would employ each and every one of these CSGO callouts on Dust 2, but for newbies who are just starting out in the game, this can be challenging. At first, you should concentrate on callouts that you will be utilizing somewhat frequently. Dust 2 is a level that has few access points to the bombsites, so you’ll need to rely on them as your primary means of communication.

Dust 2 CT Callouts

As a CT, the Dust 2 Callouts that are most crucial are as follows:

  • A Long: a long stretch that resembles a hallway that the terrorists must pass through on their route to A Site (if they enter via Long Doors).
  • A Cross: this region may be seen from a variety of vantage points, including A Short, A Long, and A Site.
  • A Short: Counter-terrorists can be found fairly close to this location. It is the most direct route for them to go to A Site. It’s a rather quick journey for terrorists, too.
  • Upper tunnel: Terrorists taking the underground route to B Site would head left at this intersection. Taking that turn will get you to Mid.
  • B Doors: an entrance to B Site from CT Mid.
  • B Window: This CSGO callout features the B Site window that leads to CT Mid and the boxes that may be used to get there.
  • Mid Doors: Doors in the Middle, also known as Mid Doors or CT Doors Mid. Terrorist snipers use these openings as a launching pad for attacks.

These are the primary access points to the bombsite that you’ll need to keep an eye on as you move about. In addition to this, you will need to remain in continual touch with the members of your team with any information regarding the adversary. You will be able to guarantee that your rotations are flawless this way, allowing you to surprise the terrorists and catch them off guard. Because the Terrorists frequently switch between numerous of these places, taking on the role of a CT in Dust 2 is a challenging endeavor.

Dust 2 Terrorists Callouts

On the Terrorist’s side, your essential Dust 2 Callouts are:

  • Mid Doors: a big corridor-like area, a direct way between T Spawn and CT Mid.
  • Lower Tunnels: terrorists who go through tunnels have access to this entry to the Mid district.
  • Pit: a slope that is concealed from the perspective of terrorists approaching A Long from Long Doors and is located on the other side of a brick wall that divides Side Pit from A Long.
  • B Doors: an entrance to B Site from CT Mid.
  • Barrels: they stand behind A Site.
  • Big Box: outside the B Doors, in crates. It’s common for players to hang out in CT Mid while they await their opponents’ arrival from B Site.
  • B Car: a vehicle located on B Closet. If players hide behind B Car, they are considered to be on that car.
  • B Window: This CSGO callout features the B Site window that leads to CT Mid and the boxes that may be used to get there.

When you’re calling as a T, you’re not only calling entrance points; you’re also calling counter-terrorist hiding sites, so it may take some time to get acclimated to the additional responsibilities involved. While they are defending the location, they will try to get every edge they can over you. You need to know where to call so that you and your squad can escape some unpleasant surprises.

Check out the whole map below for a more in-depth look at the Dust 2 Callouts!

CSGO Dust 2 Callouts

The most important fact about Dust 2 is that it has been around for more than twenty years. Many different generations of players have had the opportunity to come up with their own nomenclature for various regions of the map, but we are going to show you the most common ones that have persisted through time. This is the Dust 2 edition of our CSGO callouts map. Here it is!

Many new players would be overwhelmed by this map, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, this map is just the beginning of what is needed to understand callouts. The greatest approach to improve is to play often without switching to different maps. These in-game shouts will become second nature to you as you play.

Final Verdict

This article provides a full explanation of Dust 2 callouts and how they might improve your CSGO skills. The principles of the map, the relevance of its callouts, and the most effective methods to use them during gaming have all been covered. Understanding the map, its components, and its callouts will help you play the game better since you will be better able to understand the game and its strategies.

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