Exploring the Keyboard Clix Uses for Gaming

When Clix joined Twitch in November 2017, he immediately began streaming Fortnite and has been steadily expanding his following ever since. In April 2018, Clix ultimately uploaded his debut video on YouTube.

Clix did not have a sizable fan base at the time, but by streaming often, he was able to build up a sizable following for his broadcasts.

But finally, Clix was selected to compete in the inaugural “Fortnite World Cup,” which boosted his fame. Clix’s ascent to fame was sparked by this. Clix received $58,000 as compensation for his victory in the Fortnite World Cup.

Despite having initially primarily grown his YouTube following, he is now a popular Twitch broadcaster. He became the first player to qualify for the Fortnite global championship in 2019, and ever then, his career has exploded.

In the year 2022, Clix is now playing professionally for NRG after having previously been signed to the gaming team Misfits as a Fortnite player.

Only a brief history of Clix was provided; nonetheless, you came to this page to learn what keyboard layout Clix employs. Take a look, shall we.

What Keyboard Does Clix Use?

Matrix Keyboards’ Clix 60% board is used by the Clix game. During the most recent stop on his setup tour, he demonstrated two distinct variants of the keyboard. A variation that is entirely red, as well as one that is blue and pink.

This collaborative keyboard between Clix and Matrix was made possible because of a partnership between the two companies.

The image that you see above is a still from his most recent setup video on YouTube, in which he demonstrates his two Matrix Keyboards.


How Much Is The Matrix Clix Keyboards?

The Clix branded keyboard comes at a hefty price tag if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself. On the Matrix Keyboards website, you will be required to spend a total of $134.99 to purchase the 60% boards.

The keyboard has a decent amount of demand, as seen by the fact that most of its variants are now unavailable.

Although the price of $134.99 appears to be high for a keyboard, there are really quite a few mechanical keyboards available on the market today that fall within this price range. However, due to the fact that it is a Clix-branded keyboard, the price that you will pay for it will most likely be slightly more.

You may be interested in the following Amazon keyboards, which are comparable to the one you’re looking for but are available at a lower price and still maintain a high level of quality.

Are The Clix Matrix Keyboards Still Available?

Matrix Keyboards follows a limited drop approach in their business, which means that their keyboards are not always readily accessible. They frequently hold contests and campaigns with particular influencers, such as Clix, and offer a limited quantity of keyboards branded with the influencer’s name.

Additionally, they have a keyboard from their Elite line, which is typically simpler to get in stock. If all you need is a reliable keyboard and you don’t care about the Clix name, the Matrix Elite is a popular choice among professionals in this field.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Clix makes use of a mechanical gaming keyboard, which is a type of keyboard that has been built especially for gaming. Clix is able to achieve the level of accuracy and speed he requires thanks to the gaming keyboard, which is built to endure extended periods of use. It is ergonomically sound and has a backlit design, both of which contribute to its high level of user comfort. Additionally, the keyboard features a wide number of programmable shortcuts that may be altered to correspond with Clix’s particular approach to gaming.

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