Final Fantasy 16 Preview: Story, Gameplay and More

Final Fantasy 16 is the upcoming addition to the world-renowned Final Fantasy series of video games. Developed and published by Square Enix, the game is set to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console. In this article we’ll be discussing about Final Fantasy 16 Preview.

History Of New Final Fantasy 16

The Final Fantasy series has been around since 1987 and has become a staple of the role-playing game genre. Each entry in the series has its own unique story, characters, and gameplay mechanics, but all share a common thread of epic adventure and unforgettable experiences.

The previous installment, Final Fantasy XV, was released in 2016 and was widely praised for its stunning visuals, innovative combat system, and emotional story. Final Fantasy 16 is expected to build on this foundation while also introducing new features and improvements.

New Final Fantasy 16 Story

The game’s story takes place in the world of Valisthea, which is made up of six different realms, each with its own unique culture and history. The world is filled with magical crystals that grant power to those who possess them, leading to conflicts and wars between nations.

In Final Fantasy 16, several countries are embroiled in a conflict over magical crystals. Eikons, enormous monsters best known as “summons” if you’re a Final Fantasy fan, are crucial to this conflict. These deity-like creatures served as elaborate magic attacks in the majority of the series’ earlier games, but in Final Fantasy 16, they are crucial to the story and serve as significant boss fights throughout the journey of the protagonist Clive. One such Eikon is Garuda, a 20-meter-tall bird-like being that Benedikta called forth and who possesses wind strength.

Players will take on the role of a young man named Clive Rosfield, who is the firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria, one of the major powers in Valisthea. Clive is tasked with protecting his younger brother Joshua, who possesses a mysterious power that puts him in danger from those who seek to exploit it.

Final Fantasy 16 Gameplay

The gameplay of Final Fantasy 16 is expected to be a mix of traditional turn-based combat and real-time action, with a focus on fast-paced and dynamic battles. Players will also be able to explore the vast world of Valisthea and interact with its inhabitants, uncovering hidden secrets and lore.

Overall, Final Fantasy 16 promises to be an exciting and immersive addition to the Final Fantasy series, with a compelling story, memorable characters, and thrilling gameplay. Fans of the series and newcomers alike will no doubt be eagerly anticipating its release.

Final Fantasy 16 Demo

The two-hour demo was “a special version made for media to experience, and contents may differ from the final version,” according to Square Enix, the game’s developer. The combat-focused section of the narrative, which was taken from about five hours into it, included three boss fights that demonstrated Final Fantasy 16’s ambitious use of scale. First up was a conventional human versus human fight against a spy called Benedikta that embraced the dexterity of this entry’s new real-time action combat. But what really got my interest were the two other, much larger fights.

Final Fantasy 16 Gameplay Play Time

According to Final Fantasy 16’s developers, it will take players about 35 hours to complete the game’s narrative and 70–80 hours to complete everything else.

Hiroshi Takai and Naoki Yoshida said in an interview with Famitsu (translated by Twitter user @aitaikimochi). They planned out the play time for Final Fantasy 16’s story mode to consider that players have busy lives outside of video games. As a result. They wrote it in a way that allows players to do just the bare minimum. If they’re too busy to complete any side quests. The crew initially set a goal of 20 hours. But the additional content they added increased the story’s length to 35 hours.

Final Fantasy 16 is a narrative-driven game that will transport you on an exhilarating ride, according to Takai. The complete Clive’s way of life will be visible to you, and finishing the game should take you around 35 hours. It will be double that number if we include side content.

Takai implies that, depending on how much players take on. The gameplay time for side content is between 70 and 80 hours. And there is a lot to do. Players will need to accomplish side quests, max out abilities, obtain all the accessories. And finish every monster hunt in order to reach the maximum playtime Yoshida and Takai mentioned.

Various Game Modes

The Final Fantasy option New Game+ option. Which will let players transfer their previous game file’s stats to the new one. Will be available in addition to the story mode and side quests. It will take you longer to complete Final Fantasy Mode because it appears to have a challenge level similar to Proud Mode in Kingdom Hearts. There will also be a leaderboard where players can fight against one another globally for those who want even more.

The Fighting in Final Fantasy 16 Preview

Clive’s Eikonic abilities add an incredible level of depth to Final Fantasy 16’s real-time combat action. When combined with swordplay and magic projectiles. I eventually found myself quickly switching between each ability set while certain abilities were on cooldown. And just because it was so much fun to engage with the variety of attacks at my disposal. Learning all three Eikonic powers at once, instead of over time, was a bit of a challenge. The depth of combat in Final Fantasy 16 is remarkable, as many skills can be improved and mastered with practice.


While clearing out rooms full of soldiers and magic-wielding sorcerers occupied the majority of the action in Final Fantasy 16’s playable demo. It also included two action-packed boss battles: one against Garuda’s twin allies Chirada and Suparna in a fortress chapel. And another against Benedikta, channeling Garuda. The focus on action in Final Fantasy 16—includes precisely timed dodges and parries. And quick, precise strikes—are most noticeable during these battles.

To Wrap it all Up

In conclusion, Final Fantasy 16 promises to be an impressive addition to the Final Fantasy series preview. Combining traditional turn-based combat with real-time action and a focus on fast-paced and dynamic battles. The game’s storyline is set in the world of Valisthea, where several nations are at war over magical crystals. And players take on the role of Clive Rosfield, the eldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria. Clive’s primary responsibility is to protect his younger brother, Joshua. Who possesses an unusual power that makes him a target for those who want to exploit it.

The developers have added several new features, including the use of Eikons or summons in the game. Which serve as significant boss fights throughout Clive’s journey. With 35 hours of gameplay required to complete the game’s narrative and 70-80 hours to complete everything else. Final Fantasy 16 preview offers plenty of gameplay hours for fans of the series to enjoy. Additionally, the option of New Game+ and a leaderboard to compete globally gives players additional gaming modes to enjoy.

The two-hour demo showed Final Fantasy 16 preview ambitious use of scale and several exciting features. Including the game’s use of Eikons, real-time combat, and fast-paced battles. The depth of combat is remarkable, with several abilities and skills to master through practice. Overall, Final Fantasy 16 promises to be an immersive, narrative-driven game that fans and newcomers alike will enjoy.

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