Fortnite: Captain Hypatia’s Level-Up Quest

The conclusion of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 will take place in a little over a month from now. Players of Fortnite will soon get access to a new Battle Pass to complete, but in the meanwhile, they are tasked with completing the currently available pass before time runs out.

Epic Games has a habit of releasing a new Quest Pack before the beginning of the final season of each Fortnite season. This is done in order to provide players who have fallen behind with an additional boost of levels. Players have a fantastic opportunity to assure that they will be able to complete the Battle Pass and obtain all of its time-limited cosmetic items by taking advantage of this wonderful method. Players will learn how to finish Week Three of the Captain Hypatia Quest Pack and get an additional seven levels by following the instructions provided in this tutorial.

Fortnite Captain Hypatia’s Level-Up Quest Rewards

Since Captain Hypatia’s Week Three Fusion Tokens have been made accessible, a total of 21 tokens are now in circulation. This indicates that players may now easily advance their Fortnite account level by 21 levels just by collecting Level Up Tokens all around the map. In addition to this, players will be rewarded with the Comet Carver harvesting tool if they have completed a total of 21 Captain Hypatia tasks.

The last batch of Fusion tokens will become available for purchase on May 23 at 9 AM Eastern Time (ET), and the missions associated with the pack will continue to be accessible up to the conclusion of Chapter 4 Season 2.

Week Fusion Token Locations

This week’s Level Up tokens are in a location that has had grind rails for a while now; players can find all Week Three Fusion Tokens at the Neon Bay Bridge landmark – the large bridge south of Mega City and southeast of Steam Springs.

Once again, players can collect the tokens by following the grind rails, but this time around they’ll have to actually time their jumps perfectly to be able to grab them.

  • Fusion Token 1: The first fusion token is located on the blue rail on the western side of the bridge.
  • Fusion Token 2:To get the second fusion token, players must proceed east and leap from the blue rail to the green rail.
  • Fusion Token 3: The third token requires another leap onto the blue grind rail.
  • Fusion Token 4: which is located farther ahead, players will need to time their jumps such that they land on the highest point of the blue grind rail.
  • Fusion Token 5: The last of the tokens has been transported to the other side of the bridge’s grinding rails. The fifth Fusion Token is located at the end of the green track.
  • Fusion Token 6: Climb to the top, then hop onto the blue grind rail to reach the next token.
  • Fusion Token 7: To obtain the seventh and final fusion token for this week, players must go farther ahead along the blue grind rail and make one last jump.


Fortnite Captain Hypatia’s Level-Up Quest Rewards is an article that dives into the world of video gaming and the rewards that come with playing. It explains the various rewards that can be earned while playing games, such as experience points, which can be used to level up a character or earn tangible items that can be used in the game. It also outlines different strategies that can be employed to increase the number of rewards a player can earn. Overall, this article is a great guide for gamers who want to maximize their rewards while playing.

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