Fortnite: How To Solve The Yellow Lantern Puzzle

As part of Fortnite ongoing celebration of Ramadan with its Lantern Fest Event, a brand-new puzzle has been added to the Lantern Fest Tour island for players to complete this week. The green lantern problem from the previous week was followed up by the yellow lantern puzzle this week, and there are still two more to come before the end of the event. Be sure to follow our tutorial for finishing the yellow lantern riddle so that you may obtain access to the enigmatic Lavish Lantern after you have solved all of the other puzzles and unlocked the other lanterns.

Fortnite: The Solution to the Yellow Lantern Fest

The yellow lantern can be found on the western edge of the island, just a little bit farther north than the Slurp Juice shop. If you press the button at the entryway, you will be sent to a chamber containing a problem and given thirty seconds to figure it out.

To solve the challenge, you must first determine the proper sequence for lighting the five lamps before the allotted time expires. You’ll do this by shooting arrows from your bow, so you’ll need to be fast and accurate in order to complete this task successfully. The following is the proper arrangement of the pieces that you will need to finish the puzzle:

  • pineapple (5)
  • Banana (2)
  • Grape (3)
  • Orange (1)
  • Mango (4)

The problem will be solved and you will be able to exit the lantern after you have ignited all of the lamps in the proper sequence. At the end of the month, two more lanterns will become available; thus, you should be sure to return to the island that is part of the Lantern Fest Tour in order to complete them and discover what is contained inside the Lavish Lantern.


In Fortnite, the mystery of the Yellow Lantern may be quickly unraveled by following a series of simple procedures. In order to solve the game, players will first need to locate the four yellow lanterns that are dispersed over the world and then fire them in the appropriate sequence. When the puzzle has been triggered, players will be tasked with hitting the different colored targets in the appropriate order. Players will have a much easier time solving the Yellow Lantern problem and moving on in the game if they follow these instructions.

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