Fortnite Masked Warrior Location And Guide

This week in Fortnite, you’ll be tasked with finding a light-based fighter wearing a mask; but, the game won’t provide you with any other information beyond that, which makes this specific mission extremely difficult to understand. However, there is no need for alarm because we have already completed the task and are able to guide you through it right now.

Fortnite: In the City there is a masked warrior Location is made of a light quest guide

The only true hint you have for this one is the term “city.” Just follow your gut and you’ll find yourself in Mega City. If you’ve been keeping up with the game this season, you might remember seeing a massive hologram of a samurai standing in the city’s epicenter. It is highly recommended that you go there. Emote when you have landed close to it and are standing on the circle directly beneath it. You can use whatever emote you want, but before you go, make sure you use at least one of them, or else you’ll have to come back. You will find a description of the ideal landing place farther down this page.

And that wraps things up! This task makes a lot less sense if you’re just left guessing where to go, but when you have it, it seems like it should be quite easy to do. After that, you’ll go on to the second section of this questline, which will teach you about the cargo that these vessels carry. Another challenging obstacle, although it’s not too far from Mega City.


This post offered a detailed approach to finding the location of Masked Warrior in Fortnite and supplied it for your convenience guide. The site may be located on the peak in the southeast corner of the island; however, in order to access there, the player will need to use a zipline. The Masked Warrior’s Key must be obtained from one of the chests in the immediate area, and then the key must be used to unlock the door. Players will be able to visit the chamber of the Masked Warrior and get the prize for defeating the Masked Warrior if they do so. Players now have access to the information and resources necessary to successfully complete this difficult quest thanks to this guide.

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