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Genshin Impact, developed and published by miHoYo, is an action role-playing game renowned for its expansive world teeming with a diverse array of creatures and mystical beings. Amidst the vast cast of fantastical creatures that populate the game, there are several illuminated beasts that truly captivate players with their distinctive appearances, formidable abilities, and intriguing lore. These illuminated beasts harness potent elemental energies, leaving players in awe of their majestic presence. Let’s explore a few examples of these extraordinary creatures.

One such illuminated beast is the Oceanid, the Resplendent Ruler of the Ocean Depths. Associated with the Hydro element, the Oceanid takes on the form of a colossal water creature that exudes an eerie yet captivating aura. Possessing the power to summon various aquatic minions and conjure protective watery barriers, the Oceanid presents a daunting challenge for players. Encountered as a boss fight in a secluded realm, players must battle against its minions and overcome its formidable attacks to emerge victorious.

Another notable illuminated beast is Dvalin, known as the Luminous Overlord of the Skies or Stormterror. Once a revered dragon associated with the Anemo (Wind) element, Dvalin fell victim to corruption by dark forces, transforming into a malevolent entity. Towering in size and emanating an imposing presence, Dvalin offers players epic battles against this powerful creature. Overcoming Dvalin’s might is a test of strength and strategy, as players strive to restore balance and bring redemption to the fallen dragon.

Who is Adeptus in Genshin Impact

The adepti, also known as Xiān in Chinese, are a prominent group in the region of Liyue within the world of Genshin Impact. This distinguished group comprises not only illuminated beasts but also revered gods. The adepti play a crucial role in safeguarding the land of Liyue, standing as guardians against the onslaught of demons and malevolent gods that threaten its tranquility and prosperity.

Bound by a sacred contract, the adepti have willingly taken on the responsibility of protecting Liyue and its inhabitants from the forces of darkness. Their commitment to the land and its people is unwavering, and they utilize their immense power and unique abilities to preserve harmony and defend against any potential threats that may arise.

At the helm of the adepti is the esteemed Prime of Adepti, none other than Rex Lapis, also known as the Geo Archon and the Morax. As the governing deity of Liyue, Rex Lapis assumes the role of a leader and guide to the adepti. With his wisdom, strength, and profound understanding of Liyue’s culture and history, Rex Lapis plays a pivotal role in coordinating the adepti’s efforts and ensuring their united purpose in protecting the region.

Appearance of Adeptus in Genshin Impact

The adepti come in many different forms and shapes, but when they appear before regular people, they usually take on their true illuminated beast forms. Some adepti are able to change their shape and transform into a human-like appearance. For example, there are adepti like Madame Ping and Xiao who prefer to be in human form most of the time.

It’s interesting to note that adepti can even change the way they look in their human form. Madame Ping, for instance, chooses to appear as an old lady, but it’s not because she’s actually old. It’s her own decision. In the past, she has been seen in a younger form. However, there are other adepti, like Moon Carver, who are proud of their beast forms and don’t want to disguise themselves as humans. They embrace their true appearance and don’t feel the need to change into human forms.

Powers & Abilites of Adeptus in Genshin Impact

Adepti can control elemental energy like people with Visions, but it’s unclear if they follow the same rules as humans. Some adepti, who have beast-like forms, don’t have Visions like humans do. They are believed to have “inner eyes” inside their bodies. Xiao wears a Vision because he appears human-like, but it’s unknown if it works the same way as a human’s Vision.

Adepti have adeptal energy, which has different effects for each individual. When the Traveler received energies from adepti, it caused shockwaves, passive healing, and increased movement speed. It’s unclear if adeptal energy is connected to their “third eye” or if it’s a separate power.

Regular humans can be harmed by prolonged interaction with adepti because their souls aren’t as strong. Adeptal energy can overwhelm them, as seen with Qiqi, who went on a rampage after receiving adeptal energy. They trapped her in amber to stop the rampage, and even after hundreds of years, she can still control adeptal energy as a zombie.

To Wrap it all Up

Genshin Impact, an action role-playing game by miHoYo, features captivating illuminated beasts that mesmerize players with their appearances and abilities. One such creature is the Oceanid, associated with the Hydro element, summoning aquatic minions and posing a challenging boss fight. Dvalin, also known as Stormterror, was a revered dragon corrupted by darkness, offering epic battles against players. The adepti, including both illuminated beasts and gods, protect Liyue from demons and evil gods.

Led by Rex Lapis, the Prime of Adepti, they possess diverse forms and powers, with some adepti choosing to appear in human form while others embrace their beast forms. They manipulate elemental energy and adeptal energy, with uncertain connections to their “third eye.” Prolonged interaction with adepti can harm humans, as seen with Qiqi’s rampage.

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