Alan Wake 2 Releases Update 1.0.13

The latest update 1.0.13 for Alan Wake 2 introduces the much-requested New Game Plus mode, along with various other enhancements.

Remedy Entertainment has launched Update 1.0.13 for Alan Wake 2, incorporating New Game Plus and presenting a new Final Draft ending for the game. Alan Wake 2, recognized for its critical acclaim, received eight nominations at the 2023 Game Awards, tying with the Game of the Year winner Baldur’s Gate 3. Although it didn’t secure the top award, Remedy Entertainment and Alan Wake 2 achieved victory in three categories: Best Narrative, Best Art Direction, and Best Game Direction.

Since Alan Wake 2 took a more survival horror-oriented direction, many players have expressed a desire for the inclusion of a New Game Plus mode, which was absent upon the game’s October release. During The Game Awards last week, Kyle Rowley, the director of Alan Wake 2, announced in an acceptance speech for Best Game Direction that the New Game Plus feature would indeed be added to the game on December 11. He also revealed that it would incorporate new story content titled “The Final Draft.”

Alan Wake 2 Releases Update 1.0.13

Alan Wake 2  Update 1.0.13

Now, just a few days after the announcement, on December 11, Remedy Entertainment has officially outlined the details of Alan Wake 2’s 1.0.13 update. This update delivers the promised New Game Plus mode and introduces the new Final Draft ending. To access New Game Plus, players must have a completed save file of Alan Wake 2. Weapons and charms will be retained and stored in the first shoebox storage crates discovered by Alan and Saga for later retrieval. Additionally, all weapon upgrades will be preserved, although it remains unclear if Alan Wake’s Words of Power upgrades will also carry over into New Game Plus.

The 1.0.13 update for Alan Wake 2 introduces a new Nightmare difficulty level, a logical addition considering players can enhance their weapon arsenal and upgrades through subsequent New Game Plus runs to meet the increased challenge. Moreover, the update incorporates numerous enhancements across various aspects of Alan Wake 2. These include an improvement in performance for the PlayStation 5’s Quality Mode, a resolution to the lip-syncing problem occurring when Saga Anderson and Alex Casey reach Caludron Lake at the game’s outset, multiple lighting enhancements, and an extensive list of general fixes applicable to all platforms. Remedy has acknowledged ongoing efforts to address audio sync issues on Xbox Series X and S, with a resolution anticipated in the upcoming 2024 update.

What’s Next For Alan Wake 2?

Sam Lake, the writer, has officially stated that both free and paid downloadable content (DLC) will be introduced to the game after its initial release. However, it remains uncertain whether the Final Draft update serves as the free DLC mentioned by Lake. Despite this ambiguity, now that the game has been released, it wouldn’t be unexpected to witness the formal announcement of Alan Wake 2’s paid DLC in the near future. In the meantime, enthusiasts can relish replaying Alan Wake 2 to their satisfaction, particularly with the recent addition of the New Game Plus feature.


In conclusion, the release of Alan Wake 2 Update 1.0.13 marks a significant step forward in enhancing the gaming experience for players. The guide’s conclusion highlights the improvements and fixes introduced in this update, providing players with a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience. As the Alan Wake 2 journey continues, the conclusion encourages players to stay tuned for future updates and continue exploring the captivating narrative of this highly anticipated game.

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