How to Fix Apex Game Version Does Not Match

Apex Legends Error Codes can now and again be frustrating troubles for gamers. They are a problem when the game is being updated or improved. Few are tough to repair for the developers who make the game or for players to find a answer. One of the tough to tackle error is known as the ‘Game Version Does Not Match Host’ Error. It’s again once more in Apex Legends. But don’t be afraid, I will give an explanation for how to solve the problem. In this article we’ll be talking about How to Fix Apex Game Version Does Not Match.

Game Version Does Not Match in Apex Legends

Currently in Apex Legends, there may be an error called the ‘Game Version Does Not Match’ this is taking place recently. It can be a bit confusing as it stops gamers from gaming with others and tells them that they need to update their game. However, even after attempting various fixes, a few gamers still have the equal problem.

How to Fix Game Version Does Not Match in Apex Legends

If you cannot play the sport due to the “Game Version Does Not Match Host” Error, the first element to do is to make sure that your game is up to date to the newest model. This can be completed in unique ways depending on whether you are the usage of a computer or a video game console. No count number what, you have to continually make sure to look in case your game wants to be up to date. If your video game isn’t the latest model, you can’t play with someone who has a more modern version.

Apex Game Version Does Not Match

Verify Apex Legends Server Status

If you have waited for a long time for the game to match with someone, here are some things you can try first. Make sure that the game servers for Apex are working correctly. If the people are not doing their jobs, it is not possible to speed up the process of finding suitable matches. So, it’s a good idea to start by checking this to avoid more problems.

Usually, the Apex Twitter account will tell players if there is a big problem with the servers that stops people from playing the game. You can visit websites such as Apex Legends Status as well. This website tells us if lots of players have reported problems on different devices. If you see many people sending error reports, it probably means that everyone is affected by the problem and there is not much you can do to solve it.

The Server Status of Apex Legends can also be check on

Repair The Game Files

Sometimes, the games files do get bugged or broken, this is not your fault, but somewhat of a corrupted Windows or a flaw of software. Here are the easy steps to fix them.

How To Repair Game Files on Steam

If you are playing Apex Legends on Steam and you are receiving the error message “Game Version does not Match Host,” there is a way to try and fix it.

  • Open your collection of Steam games.
  • Click the right mouse button on Apex Legends.
  • Next, press on Properties and locate the section called Local Files.
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • Click on the option to check if all game files are correct.

This will fix the game.

Try opening Apex  again to see if the problem has been fixed.

How To Repair Game Files on EA

If you are using the EA app to play, then do the following instead:

  • Open the EA App and
  • Click on “My Collection” in the Menu.
  • Look for Apex Legends
  • Tap on the 3 dots.
  • Select the Option for Repair Game Files or simply just Repair.

This usually solves the problem that says the game version doesn’t match the host.

Try Using a Faster DNS

Sometimes, the error is on the connectivity side of things. The game is either very slow at matchmaking or is not connecting at all. Frequent Ping spikes and losses can also indicate a problem with your DNS.

Try a newer DNS or a better High Quality VPN. It would lower your Ping, and also improve the connectivity of your game to the matchmaking servers. I personally use ExpressVPN when playing any online game, it surely does give me better ping than my default DNS.

To Wrap it all Up

Dealing with Apex Legends Error Codes can be frustrating, especially during updates. The ‘Game Version Does Not Match Host’ Error is a tough one. While it’s back in Apex Legends, I’ve explained how to solve it. To begin, ensure your game is updated. Checking the Apex server status is key; Twitter or Apex Legends Status helps. Repairing game files can help too. For Steam users, verify integrity under Properties. For EA app players, use the Repair option. Connectivity matters too. Slow matchmaking or connection issues could be due to DNS problems; consider a better DNS or VPN. Remember, tackling these steps can make your gaming smoother.

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