Armored Core 6: All Chest Locations

In Armored Core 6 Game, there are unique containers called “chests. “ These chests are like unique secrets and techniques that you can discover at the same time as you’re playing. They make the game feel a little extra. If you tell your pilot in which to move and help them combat, you may discover a mystery chest along the way. What’s clearly awesome is that these chests have unique upgrades on your robot. A mech is similar to a large robot that you operate in a online game. These enhancements aren’t just normal improvements; they’re absolutely outstanding additions. Today, we will be discussing Armored Core 6 All Chest Locations.

Chests in Armored Core 6

Within the game Armored Center 6, players can discover and collect extraordinary things called Chests or Part Containers. To get the “Asset Holder” trophy and accomplishment (which suggests you have got found all the parts), you must find all the places where combat parts are stored (chests).

These boxes to begin with show up in Chapter 2, but there are no boxes in Chapter 1. You’ll be able utilize the Assembly Menu to go to diverse parts of your AC and make changes to them. It is troublesome to discover and store these boxes because no one keeps track of them. The Mission Select highlight doesn’t tell you the whole number of missions accessible. To discover out what parts you have got assembled, you would like to compare them with the total list within the gathering menu.

In spite of the fact that a few places in Armored Center 6 are expansive, the holders that hold robot parts are very little. In easier terms, they are not simple to take note.

Armored Core 6 All Chest Locations

Armored Core 6: All Chest Locations

If you want to have the excellent parts and customizations for your mech in Armored Core 6, it’s important to recognize wherein all the AC6 chests are placed. The primary goal in Armored Core 6 is choosing the top-quality components on your customization for your mechs. You get to decide how your person looks and acts in the game. This helps you to play the manner you like and do properly in diverse challenges.

Chapter 2

Armored Core 6: Chest Locations in Chapter 2

First Chest: HC-3000 Wrecker Head

Within the 2nd part of the diversion, you’ve got to sneak into Grid 086 without being seen by anybody. After you kill Invincible Rummy, you may see a gap within the roof within the mission’s space. Inside an awfully little room, there are two machines that are too exceptionally little. In one corner of the room, there’s the HC-3000 Wrecker Head.

Second Chest: CC-3000 Wrecker Core

Keep walking until you find a room with a machine that melts metal. If you keep going past the really hot flowing liquid rock, you’ll come across the CC-3000 Wrecker Core.

Third Chest: AC-3000 Wrecker Arms

This thing is difficult to discover, so utilize your scanning device. After you evacuate the chest from the hot magma, go into the tube adjacent to the machine that changes the magma into fluid. Within the enormous pipe, you’ll discover the AC-3000 Wrecker Arms.

Fourth Chest: 2C-3000 Wrecker Legs

Once you reach the 2nd checkpoint within the same area, you’ll see another box. Climb the tall stages on the proper side. On the other side of the 2nd stage, there are awful folks and a box with the 2C-3000 Wrecker Legs holding up for you.

Chapter 3

Armored Core 6: Chest Locations in Chapter 3

Mission Tunnel Sabotage: Nebula Plasma Rifle

In Chapter 3 of the Game, there’s a mission called Tunnel Sabotage. After passing the 2nd checkpoint, you will be able find a box. Inside the box, there’s an unprecedented weapon called the Cloud Plasma Rifle.

Once you enter the Tunnel and go through the checkpoint, you will see numerous bridges. See towards your cleared out and you will see a small room. In that room, there’s a person standing on a tall slant with a weapon. Beat the master sharpshooter and after that utilize a unprecedented instrument to actuate to the put where the master sharpshooter was. The Cloud Plasma Rifle is available.

Armored Core 6 All Chest Locations

Survey The Uninhabited Floating City: IA-C01G Aorta Generator

In Chapter 3 of the game, there is an empty city high up in the sky. You can find something called the IA-C01G Aorta Generator there. You can find a device called the IA-C01G Aorta Generator in that place. First, stop at the red lights, and continue to do it until you reach a circular platform. When that happens, mean people will come and try to harm you. First, check that they are fine, and then go back to the place they came from to search for the secret box.

Mission Eliminate The Honest Brute: Double Trouble Chainsaw, BC-0600 12345 Booster & Bad Cook Flamethrower

To defeat the “Honest” Brute, you have to locate two boxes. The first one might be a little difficult. You can look at it, but it’s in a very large location. Be careful of the red lasers that the Brute shoots when you are in the air. Step onto the platform where the Brute has placed dangerous traps. That’s where the first treasure chest is placed. This thing has a chainsaw named Double Trouble.

There is another box that is trying to help get rid of the Honest Brute. Once you find the first chest, go to a platform that resembles a piece of a train. There is a section that is more solitary or distant. At the end of that section, there is a long stick that you can use to go over and reach the second box. This item contains the BC-0600 12345 Booster. Translation: This thing has the BC-0600 12345 Booster included. This thing has a booster called BC-0600 12345.

Continue working towards the exact same objective. After you are inside a place with a strong cover and you are done fighting enemies, enter the structure where you had the fight. You can go to a platform that is situated behind you. On one side of this platform, there is a small wall. If you go for a walk around it, you will discover the Bad Cook Flamethrower in a box.

Chapter 4

Armored Core 6: Chest Locations in Chapter 4

Mission Underground Exploration Depth 1: Ephemera Legs

In Chapter 4 of the mission called “Underground Exploration Depth 1,” you will encounter some challenges. The window covers will close, trapping you inside. You have to fight against a lot of enemies. There will be a goal and a way to get to it. In one part of the room, there is a secret box that has the Ephemera Legs inside.

Mission Underground Exploration Depth 2: Random Drop

In Chapter 4 of Underground Exploration Depth 2, go into the long cave after defeating Iguazu. In that place, you might find a room that looks the same, and there is a big door that you have to open. There might be a special room just for you. In the room, there is a chest in the back. You can easily find the second chest in the air vent and it won’t be difficult to locate.

Mission Reach The Coral Convergence: Moonlight Blade

Once you arrive at the Coral Convergence in Chapter 4, you have got the opportunity to get the Moonlight Edge. To begin with, fight with other machines and walk in a shallow area of water. Rather than moving towards what you crave, move within the inverse course. There are solid rivals guarding the box with the Moonlight Blade in it. Break things by making them detonate to win against them, and as a prize, you’ll get the Moonlight Edge.

Armored Core 6 All Chest Locations

Using Scan Distance Stat to Locate Chests

In Armored Core 6, your big robot has a basic skill called Scanning. It’s like sending a message to show where enemies and hidden things are nearby. Scanning helps find chests, but if you don’t want to look everywhere, it’s handy. In my Armored Core 6 guide, I explained a way to make Scanning work better.

Each part of your robot’s head has a number called “Scan Distance.” You can’t see this number right away in the menu. To find it, press the “Toggle Display” button (like Y on a controller or F key on a keyboard) to see all the numbers. The scan’s length can be different. One scan might go 280 meters, while another might go 700 meters.

To Wrap it all Up

Armored Core 6 has special boxes or containers that have hidden secrets in the game. These chests give important upgrades to your big robot, which is called a mech, to make it stronger in the game. They are called Part Containers. These containers can give your robot new and powerful things to change how it looks and what it can do. You can find those containers in various places depending on your location in the game.

In Chapter 2, you can find and collect these items: HC-3000 Wrecker Head, CC-3000 Wrecker Core, AC-3000 Wrecker Arms, and 2C-3000 Wrecker Legs. In Chapter 3, there are two missions called Tunnel Sabotage and Honest Brute. Once you finish Tunnel Sabotage, you will receive the Nebula Plasma Rifle. After Honest Brute, you receive three things: Double Trouble Chainsaw, BC-0600 12345 Booster, and Bad Cook Flamethrower. In Chapter 4, special tasks help you obtain the Ephemera Legs and Moonlight Blade.

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