All Armored Core 6 Shoulder Weapons + Complete List

In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon (AC6/Armored Core VI), you can get different weapons for the parts of your robot called shoulders and back. These are different types of weapons, such as missile launchers, laser cannons, plasma cannons, gatling cannons, and pulse bucklers. Each weapon has its characteristics, such as its strength, impact, number of shots, resistance to damage, and more. When you play the game, you have the option to select the weapons that are most effective for your robot and the style of gameplay you prefer. The main thing is to make your mech unique and powerful. Today, we will talk about Armored Core 6 Shoulder Weapons and its complete list.

Shoulder Weapons in Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6 shoulder weapons are powerful guns that your mech can bring. They are massive and powerful, handing over a robust blow. However, armed weapons are lighter and quicker, and, they no longer cause as much harm. So, when you want to cause a whole lot of harm, you depend upon your Armored Core 6 Shoulder Weapons—they can be robust in case you use them wisely.

The sport allows you to have many specific choices in converting how your mech looks. You can change something, such as the machine that runs your tool. But, there’s a hassle: you cannot have everything unexpectedly. You want to decide what you want extra, whether or not it’s inflicting damage, going rapid, or being long-lasting. Shoulder guns are also explosive, but in case you use them, your mech can have a few risks.

Surprisingly, Armored Core 6 has lots of selections to offer. There are approximately an equal variety of guns that you keep with your Armored Core 6 Shoulder Weapons that you hold with simply your hand, so you have a lot of alternatives to select from. When it involves changing your mech to make it specific, you have plenty of choices.

Bazooka + Grenade Cannons

I truly enjoy using grenades and bazookas in Armored Core 6 due to the fact they may be truly cool. They have a very fast taking pictures velocity and can cause lots of harm, turning in big quantities of force. They are a touch more difficult to goal than missiles, however, whilst you successfully hit your goal, it feels honestly top. These weapons are effective against enemies that pass slowly and have difficulty keeping off attacks, in particular, if they are already in a hard scenario.

Now, we’ll discuss some of them. We have the Earshot Grenade Cannon, the Morley Spread Bazooka SB-033M, and the Songbird Grenade Cannon. When creating a desire, the bazooka is OK, but I individually can’t discover an accurate purpose to pick out it in place of the Songbird. The Earshot does greater harm, however, it takes a long time to reload. So, I could pick the Songbird for a stronger hit without a long wait. Difficult choices

Missile Launchers

Missiles are a bit slower, but they are desirable because they can mechanically aim at and shoot plenty of things at the same time. This is beneficial whilst managing rapid enemies who try and keep away from getting hit with the aid of your attacks. Even if they try to keep away from a few missiles, there are typically too many for them to avoid all of them, so a few will still hit them.

Armored Core 6 Shoulder Weapons

There are many missile launchers, however, do not worry—they may be frequently alike, simply with varying weights. If you enjoy the use of missiles, try to prioritize acquiring different weapons or components before specializing in them. Next, pick the largest missile launcher that may fit in your setup. It’s approximately finding the best center ground.

Launcher TypeModel
Active Homing Missile LauncherBML-G3/P04ACT-02
Active Homing Missile LauncherBML-G3/P04ACT–01
Cluster Missile LauncherWR-0999 DELIVERY BOY
Container Missile LauncherBML-G1/P29CNT
Dual Missile LauncherBML-G1/P32DUO-03
Dual Missile LauncherBML-G1/PS1DUO-02
Dual Missile LauncherBML-G2/P08DUO-03
Missile LauncherBML-G1/P20MLT-04
Missile LauncherBML-G2/P03MLT-06
Missile LauncherBML-G2/P05MLT-10
Scatter Missile LauncherWS-5001 SOUP
Split Missile LauncherBML-62/P17SPL-16
Split Missile LauncherBML-62/P19SPL-12
Split Missile LauncherBML-G2/P16SPL-08
Vertical Missile LauncherBML-G1/P01VTC-04
Vertical Missile LauncherBML-G1/P03VTC-08
Vertical Missile LauncherBML-G1/P07VTC-12


Shields in Armored Core 6 are like a secret treasure—they can shield you and keep you secure. Their primary cause is to forestall any damage or damage. Some shields can block harm if used on the proper second before an assault hits.

However, the truth is that shields can sometimes do unexpected matters. In the marketing campaign, some powerful enemies could without difficulty defeat you. In fights among gamers, shields are beneficial against unique strategies, however, you cannot determine your opponent’s method until the combat starts. Shields can be useful, but they are no longer always assured to work. You should suppose carefully approximately while and how to use them.


In Armored Core 6, there is only one type of weapon called Kinetic. However, these weapons don’t feel like they may be Kinetic, even though the game labels them as such. Why is the label crucial? The label tells you which unique improvements to apply for every type of weapon to make them more effective. Some enhancements, like Kinetic, Energy, or Explosive, can boom the harm they do. And the Stun Needle Launcher is just like the movie star, the excellent weapon in the game. The 2d one, Trueno, is fine but not as strong.

The Stun Needle Launcher is surely right, to be honest. It is extremely powerful and nothing else is as correct. If you’re certainly accurate, you could use exclusive weapons in single-player mode. However, in participant as opposed to participant battles, not deciding on the Stun Needle Launcher places you at a disadvantage.

Both of these guns create a very effective and uncommon electrical effect in Armored Core 6. So, even though there are the most effective two, they are very crucial.

Weapon TypeModel
Needle Missile LauncherEL-PW-01 TRUENO
Stun Needle LauncherVE-60SNA

Plasma Cannons

Plasma weapons in Armored Core 6 are just like electricity weapons, however, they are more effective and might purpose explosions. They do not shoot in no time, so they’re no longer very correct, but they make up for it with the aid of inflicting damage in a massive area. You do not have to hit them all at once to cause them to paintings – they could damage many enemies at the same time.

I do not like Plasma Launchers (I opt to use the Songbird). However, if you are interested in them, the Plasma Cannon is most likely the pinnacle choice. Plasma guns might not be unique, however, they hit the target rapidly and cover a big area. So, in case you need a big explosion, the Plasma Cannon might be a very good preference. 

Weapon TypeModel
Plasma CannonFASAN/60E
Plasma Missile LauncherVvc-703PM
Plasma Missile LauncherVvc-706PM
Plasma Missile LauncherVvc-70PM
Pulse CannonKRANICH/60Z

Laser Cannons

Armored Core 6 Shoulder Weapons

Laser Cannons in Armored Core 6 are just like Kinetic guns. They shoot right away, but they do not have a big effect on the environment. What’s notable is that you may make them more potent and shoot quicker with the aid of maintaining down the fire button to price them up.

If you do not like explosive weapons for your mech’s Armored Core 6 Shoulder Weapons, Laser Cannons are a remarkable alternative. To be honest, they are without a doubt appropriate guns. It makes me need the Stun Needle Launcher to not exist so that Laser Cannons can be observed for their capability to shoot quickly and with fast-transferring projectiles. It’s like having sincerely powerful weapons for your gadget.

Weapon TypeModel
Diffuse Laser CannonVP-60LCD
Laser CannonVE-60LCA
Laser CannonVP-60LCS

To Wrap it all Up

In Armored Core 6, choosing the weapons for your mech’s shoulders is a big deal. You’ve got grenade launchers, bazookas, missiles, shields, and more to pick from. Grenade launchers and bazookas shoot fast and cause a lot of damage, but you need to be careful with aiming. Missiles automatically target enemies, making them great against fast foes.

Shields can protect you, but they’re a bit tricky to use. Sometimes they work well, and other times they don’t. Kinetic weapons are labeled a certain way, but they don’t feel exactly like that in the game. The Stun Needle Launcher is super strong, especially in player-versus-player battles.

Plasma cannons explode things, and laser cannons shoot fast. Each type has its strengths. The game wants you to make choices, balancing what you want your mech to be good at. It’s all about creating a cool and powerful robot in a world of mechs and exciting battles!

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