Ash Rainbow Six Siege – Background & Personality Analysis

Rainbow Six Siege, a popular tactical first-person shooter, offers a variety of exciting and dynamic maps that serve as the battlegrounds for intense team-based gameplay. Among these maps, one stands out as a source of exhilarating and unpredictable encounters: the “House” map.

Known for its compact size and close-quarters combat, House provides a fast-paced and action-packed experience for players. With its unique layout, destructible walls, and multiple entry points, the House map offers endless opportunities for creative strategies, ambushes, and intense firefights.

Whether you’re breaching walls, defending the objective, or engaging in thrilling close-range combat, the House map in Rainbow Six Siege guarantees a thrilling and memorable gameplay experience for all.

Talking about exciting tens of operators to play with, one such operator is Ash in Rainbow Six Siege

Ash in Rainbow Six Siege (R6S)

Eliza Cohen, commonly known as “Ash,” is an attacker in the thrilling game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and its mobile version. She is a skilled operator with a rebellious spirit who doesn’t always follow traditional norms.

Ash Rainbow Six Siege

Ash fondly recalls her grandmother’s words, which emphasized the power of silence for women. However, she admits that she never truly embraced that advice. Ash’s character reflects her independent and outspoken nature, as she approaches her missions with determination and a willingness to challenge conventions. With her unique abilities and strong personality, Ash adds depth and excitement to the Rainbow Six Siege gameplay experience.

Background History of Ash in Rainbow Six Siege

Eliza “Ash” Cohen has a unique background, with her mother being a Jewish political activist and professor, and her father a professor of Middle Eastern Studies. She excelled in Mathematics and Physics, obtaining a degree in Structural Engineering.

After serving in the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite Air Force unit, she joined the FBI SWAT. Ash’s engineering skills led to the development of advanced demolition tactics. Recruited into Rainbow in 2015, she became the leader of Forward Operations, leading successful missions against the White Masks. Ash’s encounters with various operators, including conflicts with NIGHTHAVEN’s leader, shaped her journey in Rainbow Six Siege.

Personality Analysis of Ash in Rainbow Six Siege

Specialist Eliza “Ash” Cohen is a complex individual who resists being seen solely as a commanding officer. She has a probing nature and analyzes those around her. Cohen’s military service provided an escape from family tensions and aligned with her ordered and focused personality.

While she values high-risk situations, her level of personal risk tolerance remains unclear. She maintains a cautious demeanor and doesn’t form many close relationships, making her bond with Specialist Miles “Castle” Campbell significant. People describe Cohen as serious, intense, and someone who enjoys being proven right. She balances her exceptional performance in operations with self-critical tendencies during debriefs. Encouraging a team perspective and addressing her stress from the unknown will be important.

Gameplay Description of Ash in Rainbow Six Siege

Ash is a Light Health Operator in Rainbow Six Siege, wielding the M120 CREM grenade launcher. It can shoot two Breaching Rounds that penetrate surfaces and detonate automatically. These rounds are not affected by gravity and can pass through small openings. They have a 3-meter explosion radius and stick to surfaces before exploding after 2 seconds.

Ash Rainbow Six Siege

Signal Disruptors, Shock Wires, and Electroclaws do not affect Breaching Rounds. The rounds cause narrower and taller destruction compared to a standard Breach Charge. Light Health Operators can receive a maximum of 50 damage from the rounds, and Jäger’s Active Defense System can intercept them. Furthermore, the rounds have the ability to instantly destroy Mira’s Black Mirror and walls, while being susceptible to the effects of Wamai’s Mag-NET, resulting in a smaller explosion.

Loadout of Ash in Rainbow Six Siege

The M120 CREM is a portable projectile breaching weapon developed for efficient entry. It allows breaching through doors without targeting hinges or locks. Unlike other methods, it is compact and lightweight, making it a secondary weapon.

The FBI SWAT has used it effectively in hostage and search and rescue operations. The device, evaluated by Specialist Elena “Mira” Alvarez, is known as the M120 CREM Breaching Rounds and is operated by Specialist Eliza “Ash” Cohen.

To Wrap it all Up

Rainbow Six Siege offers a thrilling and dynamic gameplay experience, with the “House” map standing out as an intense battleground. Among the exciting operators available, Ash brings a rebellious spirit and independent nature to the game. Her background as a skilled engineer and her experiences in the IDF and FBI SWAT add depth to her character. Ash’s personality is characterized by her probing nature, cautious demeanor, and a drive to be proven right.

In gameplay, she wields the M120 CREM grenade launcher, allowing for versatile and destructive breaching capabilities. Overall, Ash’s presence in Rainbow Six Siege adds excitement and depth to the game, making her a memorable and formidable operator.

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