Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg

Atelier Marie Remake: Gust Co. Ltd. and Kou Shibusawa created the game Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg Rerel. Gust Co. Ltd. is a Japanese video game development firm best known for the Atelier series and other role-playing games. Kou Shibusawa is a well-known video game producer who founded the Koei corporation. Koei later merged with Tecmo to form Koei Tecmo Holdings.

Gust and Kou Shibusawa collaborated to produce Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg Rerel, a game that delivers players a fascinating and engaging experience with alchemy.

Atelier Marie Remake

Marie, a student at the Royal Academy of Magic, is having difficulty mastering alchemy. Her lecturer assigns her a particular task for her graduation exam one day. He gives her a modest workspace called an atelier and tells her she must create something outstanding in order to pass the exam.

But, before Marie can succeed, she must improve her alchemy skills. She must practise and acquire new skills. Marie must also collect various materials and earn money in order to recruit adventurers. She can use the money to purchase recipes and instruments to aid her in her work. On top of that, she must participate in combat and adventures.

Atelier Marie Remake

Marie has a lot of preparation to do before her exam! It is entirely up to you to pick where to begin. To graduate from the Academy, you must work hard, but don’t forget to have fun along the way.

Features of The New Remake of Atelier Marie

The remake includes many new things, but we will list the major changes, that make the game exciting and fun.

  • Excellent Newer Graphics: With the latest technology, the characters, including Marie and her companions, look even better. Character designs and visuals have been updated, and new 2D animations have been included. The version also includes 3D models of the characters and stages, so you’ll see cute tiny figures moving about as you play.

  • Modern Adaptation: The remake updates the original Atelier series to make it more contemporary. It retains the original version’s simplicity and flexibility while expanding and improving the instruction and navigation. Moving around the city and gathering goods in the game have also been modernised, making the remake more comfortable and easier to play.

  • Enriched Game Experience: Whether you’re a fan of the original game or new to the Atelier series, the remake contains some interesting new components. The Unlimited Mode allows you to play at a slower pace and with more freedom. New events also bring interactions with new characters, providing dimension to the universe of “Atelier Marie.”

The remake includes fresh graphics, improved gameplay features, and new aspects to enhance your gaming experience in the universe of “Atelier Marie.”

Plot/Storyline of Atelier Marie Remake

You play the character of Marlone, also known as Marie, in the game. She has a five-year goal to demonstrate her abilities as an alchemist. Her teacher, Ingrid, assists her by providing her with an alchemy shop in town and a challenge to create something spectacular.

That is the fundamental plot of the game. The rest is up to you to decide how Marie will spend each day of the year. You get to choose what Marie does, how she improves her alchemy talents, and what goals she wants to reach. You have complete control over Marie’s journey and her road to success in the game.

Atelier Marie Remake

Gameplay of The New Remake

You have five years to complete your goal in the game, but time goes swiftly. Almost everything you do will accelerate the passage of time. Gathering supplies or retrieving goods after a battle, for example, will consume a day on the calendar. Travelling between towns or other locations on the map can take up to a week. The time it takes to practise alchemy depends on how uncommon the item you’re creating is.

Sometimes you have to build other goods before you can make your preferred one, which can take a season or more. In my initial game, I wasted a lot of time trying to produce a single item, resulting in the loss of an entire autumn season and a bit of winter.

There are a few activities that do not take up calendar space. You are free to roam the small town of Salburg, checking the tavern for requests and rumours, visiting the weapon shop, going to the academy for Marie’s education, or attempting to infiltrate the castle. There’s also a diorama mode and a photo mode in the Hall of Memories. While the game appears to be lovely, especially in the trailers, it was a little too bright on my Switch.

Editions of The New Remake of Atelier Marie

  • The Standard Edition ($49.99)

The Standard Edition, does not include much of the fun stuff for the game.

Atelier Marie Remake

The Standard Edition includes only the base variant of the game, that is Atelier Marie Remake.

  • The Digital Deluxe Edition ($69.99)

Atelier Marie Remake’s Digital Deluxe Edition is now available for PS4 and PS5. It comprises the main game, Atelier Marie Remake, and Atelier Marie Plus, which enhances the gameplay experience. The Gust Extra BGM Pack, which includes more background music, is also included in this edition. The “Another Look” Costume Set, which includes 33 alternative costumes for character customisation, is a highlight of the edition.

This volume, priced at $69.99, represents excellent value for lovers of the Atelier series. Players may immerse themselves in Marie’s alchemical quest thanks to better graphics and gameplay mechanics. The Digital Deluxe Edition adds hours of entertainment and more gaming options.

To Wrap it all Up

Gust Co. Ltd. and Kou Shibusawa created the game Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg. It follows Marlone, often known as Marie, on her five-year mission to show her alchemical abilities.

Ingrid, her teacher, sets her up with an alchemy store and assigns her the responsibility of crafting a spectacular item for her graduation exam. The game features improved graphics, modern gameplay adaptations, and an enhanced gaming experience. Players have complete control over how Marie spends each day of the year. In the game, time goes swiftly, with various actions eating days on the calendar. The $69.99 Digital Deluxe Edition includes Atelier Marie Plus, the Gust Extra BGM Pack, and the “Another Look” Costume Set, among other things.

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