Best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege – Complete List of 2023

Best Defenders Rainbow Six Siege: We have created the ultimate Rainbow Six Siege Operator tier list for Year 8. Ubisoft’s tactical FPS game features nearly 70 Operators, and it can be difficult to decide which ones to use in matches. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Year 8 started with Operation Commanding Force in Rainbow Six Siege. This marked the beginning of the year and set the stage for Season 2, which will introduce a new Swedish Defender named Fenrir and a reworked Consulate map.

In the upcoming Y8S2, there will be some notable changes. One of the highlights is a new gadget called the Observation Blocker, along with buffs to Grim and Thunderbird. We will update our tier list after the changes are implemented in late May 2023. We expect to see certain Operators become more popular and others lose their popularity.

Best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) – Complete List

Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege are the players who protect the objective and stop the attackers. They have special abilities and gadgets to fortify the objective, set traps, and gather information. Defenders work together to defend the objective and eliminate the attacking team.

Valkyrie in Rainbow Six Siege

Even though Black Eye cameras have been weakened, Valkyrie remains the top Defender in Rainbow Six Siege. Her gadget is unmatched in gathering information about attacker strategies. In the game, having information is crucial. However, Valkyrie isn’t just about her gadgets. She also has a Nitro Cell and an MPX SMG, which make her formidable in gunfights and holding objectives.

Best Defenders Rainbow Six Siege

Jager in Rainbow Six Siege

Jager is the top support operator on defense in Rainbow Six Siege. His utility is designed to protect nearby defenders from different offensive tools, such as grenades. He helps safeguard his team by intercepting and neutralizing these threats, making him an important asset in defending the objective.

Best Defenders Rainbow Six Siege

Mira in Rainbow Six Siege

Mira is considered a great Defender in Rainbow Six Siege as of 2023. While she may be challenging to use, once you have mastered her mirrors and managed the recoil of her SMG, she becomes a highly rewarding operator to play with.

Mira’s main feature is her unique Black Mirror gadget. These mirrors can be placed on walls, allowing defenders to see through them while they remain bulletproof. This gives defenders valuable intel on the attackers’ movements and allows for strategic positioning and surprise attacks.

Best Defenders Rainbow Six Siege

However, effectively utilizing Mira’s mirrors requires careful planning and map knowledge. Placing them in the right locations can provide significant advantages to defenders, while improper placement can backfire. Additionally, mastering the recoil of her SMG is important for winning gunfights.

Wamai in Rainbow Six Siege

Wamai utilized his skills as a defender. His codename became Wamai, and he possessed a unique gadget called the Mag-NET. This device can intercept and redirect projectiles, rendering them ineffective. By detonating the projectile safely away from its intended target, Wamai’s Mag-NET provides a valuable defensive advantage.

Best Defenders Rainbow Six Siege

Wamai’s gadget synergizes well with Goyo’s Volcan Shield, a fire trap. By strategically placing the Mag-NET near the dormant Volcan Shield, Wamai can use the enemy’s Frag Grenade to trigger Goyo’s deadly trap safely.

Aruni in Rainbow Six Siege

Aruni, has dedicated her life to preventing the harm caused by unexploded land mines after her sister’s tragic death. Her detective skills earned her a position in the Royal Thai Police, but a serious injury left her without an arm and a leg. Thanks to Jaimini “Kali” Shah and the Nighthaven crew’s advanced prosthetics, Aruni got a chance to help others again.

Best Defenders Rainbow Six Siege

As a heavy defender, Aruni uses her Surya Laser Gate in Rainbow Six Siege. By deploying it on walls, she creates a laser grid that damages attackers and destroys their projectiles when they pass through. While some projectiles can disable the gate, it still wastes the attackers’ resources and provides an opportunity for a counter-attack.

Who is the Best Defender in Rainbow Six Siege?

In my opinion, Valkyrie is undoubtedly the best defender in Rainbow Six Siege, and I believe this is the correct option. Despite the recent weakening of Black Eye cameras, Valkyrie’s capabilities and impact remain unparalleled. Her gadget excels in gathering crucial information about attacker strategies, which is an absolute game-changer.

In Rainbow Six Siege, information is key, and Valkyrie’s gadget provides an invaluable advantage to our team. The ability to strategically place cameras throughout the map gives us a comprehensive view of the attackers’ movements and intentions. This knowledge allows us to make well-informed decisions, anticipate their actions, and effectively coordinate our defense.

Best Defenders Rainbow Six Siege

What sets Valkyrie apart is that she isn’t solely reliant on her gadget. She possesses additional tools that make her a formidable defender. Her Nitro Cell provides explosive power, enabling us to eliminate threats or deny access to crucial areas.

To Wrap it all Up

As we enter Year 8, Operation Commanding Force sets the stage for exciting updates, including the introduction of new operators and map reworks.

Among the standout defenders, Valkyrie remains a dominant force despite the adjustments to her Black Eye cameras. Her unparalleled gadget allows for superior information gathering, a vital aspect of the game. Valkyrie’s versatility extends beyond her gadgets, as she wields a Nitro Cell and an MPX SMG, making her a force to be reckoned with in gunfights and objective defense.

Jager, Mira, Wamai, and Aruni also deserve recognition for their unique abilities and gadgets that contribute to team defense and counter-attacking strategies. Each operator brings a distinct playstyle and tactical advantage to the table.

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