Blasphemous 2: All Chalices Locations

In Blasphemous 2, you may improve your health and regeneration, in a variety of ways. One approach is to apply Ornate Chalices, which increase your overall fitness. This implies you may take more hits in warfare before having to heal or lose the game. The maximum health you can have is 330, which you could gain via delivering Ornate Chalices to the Blood Upgrade woman in the City of the Blessed Name. You start with only 150 HP, and you may get the last 50 by way of sacrificing blood in a big chalice in front of the Blood Upgrade female. Today, we are going to discuss Blasphemous 2 All Chalices Locations.

Ornate Chalices in Blasphemous 2

There are five special cups called Ornate Chalices in Blasphemous 2. Give those chalices to a mysterious female inside the City of the Blessed Name, and he or she will heal you. You have 150 health when you start the game. Each Ornate Chalice she receives presents her 30 extra health. You could have a most of 300 health in case you locate all five chalices and supply them to her.

Blasphemous 2 All Chalices

Locations of All Ornate Chalices in Blasphemous 2

To get more health in Blasphemous 2, you must locate and trangame all five special chalices to the City of the Blessed Name. Locate the blood drop symbol and approach the individual in the room. They will lengthen your health bar.

However, there is a special chalice that requires you to first discover all five daughters and then complete a difficult battle challenge before you may obtain it.

Location 1: Palace of Embroideries

The first Ornate Chalice may be found in the Palace of the Embroideries’ top-left chamber. It’s a little room with a red item on the floor that signifies an item you’ll need to accomplish a combat challenge to get. You’ll obtain the Ornate Chalice as your prize after surviving the gauntlet with the help of the two mirrors at the top-left and top-right corners of the room.

Blasphemous 2 All Chalices

Location 2: Sacred Entombments

During the Sacred Entombments, you will gradually remove sand from the middle part of the area until it is low enough for you to fight the boss, Great Preceptor Radames. Go to the left side of his boss area, go down to the bottom of that middle section, and you will see a fancy cup lying in the dirt. Be careful of the sand hand enemy that will attack you when you get close to it.

Location 3: Sunken Cathedral

Stay next to the Sunken Cathedral’s right side, pass all the way down to the following level, and do not use the ladder. Instead, go through the door and you may attain a room wherein you will find the Ornate Chalice. When you grasp it, the door in the back of you’ll close and you’ll need to face another hard combat or take a look at it.

Blasphemous 2 All Chalices

Location 4: Forlorn Patio

The 4th Ornate Chalice is the maximum without problems obtained. A supplier within the Forlorn Patio location will promote it to you for 6000 Tears of Atonement. When you’re in the Streets of Wake region, head northwest from the Prie-Dieu. Once you have obtained the chalice, return to the Blood Upgrade room to get a further 30 in your overall fitness.

Location 5: Streets of Wakes

The final Ornate Chalice is part of a one-of-a-kind quest in Blasphemous 2. The story is set by a girl who’s very sad and is trying to find her five daughters on the streets of Wakes. You can locate these daughters in numerous locations within the game world. When you discover they all, you’ll benefit from access to a new combat test against their mom. Finish this fourth venture, and you’ll get hold of the remaining lovely Chalice.

Here are all of the locations wherein you could find the fancy cups in Blasphemous 2. Some matters are less difficult to discover than others, but they may be all well worth attempting to find due to the fact they make you stronger and will let you live on difficult boss fights in the game.

To Wrap it all Up

Getting more powerful and alive is essential in Blasphemous 2. You can accomplish this by way of locating special cups known as Ornate Chalices. They enhance your health, permitting you to take more hits in war. You begin with one hundred fifty health, however, you could grow it to 330 at any time. To accomplish this, discover these chalices and deliver them to the Blood Upgrade female within the City of the Blessed Name. In the game, there are five of those chalices. Some are simple to discover, even as others necessitate completing challenges or missions. They’re all really worth hunting down due to the fact they increase your power and help you defeat strong bosses.

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