How to Open Sunken Cathedral Locked Door Blasphemous 2

In Blasphemous 2, the locked doorways within the Sunken Cathedral are a puzzling thriller for brave gamers. When you go through this vicinity, you will discover doors which can be locked and stumble upon numerous strong enemies. It’s a mission to peer how properly you may combat and think strategically. Let’s find out how to unencumber these doorways, overcome the hard issues, and earn the prizes which can be hiding at the back of them. So, let’s Open Blasphemous 2 Sunken Cathedral Locked Door.

The Sunken Cathedral Locked Door in Blasphemous 2

In Blasphemous 2, you play as the Penitent One, a brave hero who wants to rescue Cvstodia. When you’re traveling thru this frightening and risky vicinity, getting via the Sunken Cathedral is difficult. The doors have locks that are like difficult puzzles, waiting so that it will discern them out.

As you undergo the cathedral’s dark paths, you will encounter difficult enemies that turn out to be extra difficult whenever. Your adventure will take you to a primary fight with a person named Odon, who’s a robust enemy that protects the secrets of the cathedral. This combat is a true test of your abilties.

But in case you win against Odon, you may receive the Key of Salt as a prize. This key can release the doorways in the cathedral which are closed, showing secrets which might be hidden. It’s a brave project with the intention to save Cvstodia from danger.

How to Open Sunken Cathedral Locked Door in Blasphemous 2

To get to the closed doors in the Sunken Cathedral of Blasphemous 2, you will need to be patient and use smart strategies against the enemies you come across. Begin your journey at the kneeling bench, then walk towards the left side to exit. Use your special ability to jump twice to reach the first platform and go up the stairs. Be careful of a person upstairs who can call and bring harmful spirits.

Be careful in a room because there are oily areas where hidden Percherons might surprise and attack you. Beat them fast as they leave these areas. You will also come across a flying monster; you can hit it from underneath.

Blasphemous 2 Sunken Cathedral Locked Door

Gathering 1200 Tears of Atonment  

After beating the flying monster, gather 1200 sad drops. Go up the stairs and you will see a closed door on the right side. Go inside the room and defeat all of the enemies. Afterwards, you will find a bell. To ring it and unlock a room with a statue that improves something, you need to pray at the statue on the left.

Go back to the previous room, step off the platform, and find a small statue in the top corner of the room below. Hit it with Veredicto, then go to the room on the right. To begin a battle arena, pick up a purple glowing item and beat all the enemies that show up. You will encounter a challenging boss; avoid its attacks and strike it from behind to defeat it and obtain the Ornate Chalice.

Leaving The Upgrade Room

Leave the Veredicto upgrade room, then go towards the statue that moves when the bell rings. Go out through the left side and defeat enemies in the hallway. Walk down the stairs in the room, and go down through the thin platforms on the left side. Get rid of the enemies as you move towards the right. Break a switch so that a ladder can be lowered for an easier route. Leave through the door on the left side of this room.

Keep going to the left until you reach a wall. Then, jump from a platform and go to the right. Beat all the bad guys on this path and then turn right to get a special bead called the Salt-Covered Spear Point from a chest downstairs. Finally, open a room for quickly traveling and get ready to go into the boss room on the right side.

To Wrap it all Up

In order to open those doors, you want to be patient and use smart plans to defeat tough enemies you come upon. You will learn new matters and get toward finding out the secrets of the cathedral as you cross on your journey. Eventually, you may ought to fight a totally sturdy boss.

As you collect Tears of Atonement and face hard fights, the manner forward turns into less difficult to see. The Salt-Covered Spear Point and different precious prizes are waiting for you, bringing you toward triumphing. With a strong will, you are ready to enter the boss room at the horizon. You are prepared to face any challenges in your venture to free up the locked doorways of the Sunken Cathedral in Blasphemous 2.

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