How to Play as Brimstone in Valorant – Complete Guide

Brimstone is one of the first characters you can play as in Valorant. He is from America and is famous for his charming behavior and powerful voice. He is a soldier who has served in a war and has access to a wide variety of tools and resources. Brimstone is one of the first playable characters in Valorant. Even though he is not as good as other Controllers like Astra and Omen, he is still a good choice if the player wants an easy-to-use kit and doesn’t like playing with smokes.
Brimstone is good for playing offense and defense in the game. It is especially easy to use on the defensive side because it has many useful abilities. Everyone knows about the Brimstone guide.

Brimstone Valorant Abilities

In the video game Valorant, Brimstone is a versatile agent with a number of skills that make him a vital member of any squad. His main skill is Sky Smoke, which enables him to launch a number of smoke screens that may be utilized to obstruct opponent visibility or shield allies. He also has a stim beacon, which boosts his friends’ shooting and reloading rates and enhances their battle potency.

Another potent weapon is Brimstone’s Incendiary ability, which enables him to throw grenades that, upon hit, burst into flames and inflict damage on nearby foes over time. Orbital Strike, his last move, generates a laser that causes tremendous damage to those trapped in its path.

The Stim Beacon

·        Usage: 1 Per Round

·        Cost: 100 Creds

The intriguing utility known as Stim Beacon has an equal impact on every player. You can throw a stim light up in front of you by pressing the “C” key. Any player, friend, or foe, who enters the stim beacon gains “RapidFire” when they do. One of the few game abilities that affect every participant equally is this one. Any person moving within the Stim Beacon’s radius will have their shooting speed increased. You must use this talent carefully because it benefits both teams. With some guns, it’s best to discharge in bursts because firing at a higher rate can also reduce accuracy.

When you need to shut off the entrances while protecting a space, the Stim Beacon is ideal. Your friends can also occupy its field of view and benefit from the rapid-fire feature. You can even use the Stim Beacon to speed up your rate of fire before pushing into a region because its effects last for four seconds after you leave it. It may occasionally be used to trick or entice the opposition. You can position it there, discharge a few shots, and then wait for an opportunity to ambush them—or you can leave the area.

Actually, RapidFire makes many firearms more challenging to handle. Due to the Stim Beacon’s wide radius, you can use it strategically when defending bomb sites. Stim Beacon may be most useful for snipers and shotguns because it seems superfluous for weapons.

The Incendiary (Molotov)

·        Usage: 1 Per Round

·        Cost: 200 Creds

Brimstone is the next aptitude to be discussed. By pressing “Q,” you can equip an incendiary grenade launcher that sends out grenades that explode when they hit the ground. The fire remains in the region after the explosion, damaging any enemies that pass through it.

An area of flames is left on the ground after an incendiary grenade is launched. It’s ideal to use it carefully because you are able to utilize it once per round. It works amazingly well for separating spaces or even for harming foes who are hiding inside cover. You can use it when pressing to clear areas because it can bounce off walls. 

This 8.3-second-long ability can defeat an enemy of full health who is highly armored. It’s the ideal tool for defending against the spike and buying your squad some time. Anyone attempting to detonate it will perish immediately. It’s also helpful for launching in regions where the defenders might be camped out if you’re attempting to diffuse the spike. They’ll be compelled to shift and reveal their location.

The Sky Smoke

·        Usage: 3 Per Round

·        Cost: 100 Per Smoke


Brimstone’s distinguishing talent is Sky Smoke. Each round, he begins with one in his collection, and two more can be bought. With this ability, he can bring down up to three orbital dispersal smokescreens and display a mini-map of the surrounding region on his HUD. He is able to position them precisely, closing off passageways and other assault routes. In the end, each smokescreen blocks the enemy’s view for 14 seconds.

With Brimstone’s tactical grid, you can left-click an area to send up to three smoke clouds there. A second left click ensures the long-lasting clouds will be dropped onto the map at the chosen locations, obstructing enemy visibility.

The strategy screen, which can take up to half of the screen when you press “E,” appears when you do this. Three map chokepoints can be cleared of smoke to completely disable the opposing squad for a while.

To stop an enemy’s progress at the start of a round, Sky Smoke works perfectly. They will have to wait if it isn’t deployed right away or rush through blindly and run the risk of being shot. This skill is also excellent for locking down a region and blocking flankers. The opposing squad will have a harder time breaking through if you restrict all the entry points.

Enemies can be deceived by this power as well. You can use it in specific places to lead people to believe that you are moving in a specific direction while actually moving in the opposite direction. Smokescreens can even be constantly added one after another to completely block a space.

The Orbital Strike (Ultimate)

·        Usage: Collection of Complete Orbs

·        Cost: 6 Ult Points


Orbital Strike is the name of Brimstone’s ultimate. A tactical map will appear when you press X, allowing you to select a location from which to fire an orbital attack laser. If a player is caught in the impact zone, it deals high damage over time to them. If used correctly, this can quickly destroy an entire squad.

The Bind grid responds favorably to this ability. This can catch teleporting players off guard and cause them to perish right away. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to clear bomb sites and end team rushes. This power hurts both your teammates and enemies, but it hurts your squad much less.

When the spike is being protected, the Orbital Strike is excellent. When you listen to the opposing squad diffusing it, you can bring it down and kill them. Additionally, you can use it to repel them before they disperse. It can also be used to flush out enemies when you’re pressing or to eliminate enemies who are hiding behind the cover.

Wrapping it Up

Overall , Brimstone is versatile and useful on the battlefield. His special skills boost any team’s chances of victory. Brimstone’s Sky Smoke may hide friends, his Incendiary grenade can deliver huge damage, and his Orbital Strike ultimate ability can cause devastation. Brimstone controls the battlefield and game speed with these skills.

Brimstone’s offensive and defensive skills make him a well-rounded agent. His Incendiary grenade and Orbital Strike ultimate ability may hurt foes, helping his squad capture objectives or destroy targets. Brimstone’s adaptability and useful powers make him an essential part of any successful squad, and his presence on the battlefield may frequently determine victory or loss.

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