Can you play The Finals on Steam Deck?

The Finals has officially transitioned from its beta phase and is now available for all on Steam. However, the question arises: can The Finals be played on the go using the Steam Deck?

Introducing a fresh FPS multiplayer experience, The Finals has emerged from its extensive beta testing and is now accessible for free on the Steam platform.

Unfortunately, there’s disappointing news for Steam Deck users. The game employs Easy Anti-Cheat, a common challenge for many gamers utilizing Valve’s handheld device. Attempting to assess the game’s performance on the Steam Deck becomes an impossibility without reinstalling Windows.

Therefore, the answer is no – The Finals is not compatible with the Steam Deck at the moment due to its anti-cheat mechanism. The potential for Steam Deck compatibility hinges on the decision of developers Embark Studios and Nexon to activate this feature, allowing users to evaluate its performance.

The Finals Doesn’t Work on the Steam Deck

The Finals on Steam Deck

There’s a precedent for Easy Anti-Cheat games being compatible with the Steam Deck, as demonstrated by titles like Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Apex Legends. In some cases, game developers have even transitioned to alternative anti-cheat systems to guarantee inclusion for Steam Deck players.

Valve’s Proton provides support for Easy Anti-Cheat, and various anti-cheat developers have acknowledged that the decision ultimately rests with the game studio. This has been an ongoing issue with Linux since the inception of online gaming. Certain studios express reservations about players using an operating system that, in capable hands, could lead to unconventional activities.

The landscape, however, is continually evolving. The Linux user base is expanding, and Valve’s handheld is still making significant waves, although it currently represents only 2% of the player population on Steam.

It’s plausible that Nexon may not currently view the effort required to ensure The Finals functions seamlessly on the operating system as a top priority.


In conclusion, the exploration of whether The Finals can be played on the Steam Deck has been a topic of interest for gaming enthusiasts. The guide’s conclusion emphasizes the need for players to stay informed about platform compatibility, considering the evolving landscape of gaming hardware. As the Steam Deck continues to make waves in the gaming community, the conclusion encourages users to check for official updates and explore the potential of playing The Finals on this innovative handheld device.

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