How To Get Express Supply Pass at Cheap Price in Honkai: Star Rail

Cheap Express Supply Pass Honkai Star Rail. Star Rail Passes in Honkai: Star Rail are consumable travel items that allow players to travel on the in-game transportation system known as the Star Rail. These passes grant unlimited access to the expansive Star Rail, enabling players to explore various destinations and unlock new content. The Star Rail serves as a convenient and efficient means of traversing the game world, offering fast travel between locations. In this article we’ll be discussing about how to get Honkai Express Supply Pass at Cheap Price.

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What is The Express Supply Pass in Honkai: Star Rail

Additionally, players receive 300 Oneiric Shards that they can convert into Stellar Jades, bringing the total to 3000 Stellar Jades.

Players consider it the most cost-effective way to accumulate Stellar Jades through in-game purchases. I recommend to log in daily to maximize its advantages.

Bonuses of The Express Supply Pass in Honkai: Star Rail

Here, I present some details about the Express Supply Pass and explain why players can consider it a worthwhile purchase.

  • Daily Stellar Jades: Upon logging into the game, players with the Express Supply Pass receive 90 Stellar Jades. This process repeats every day for a duration of 30 days, resulting in a total of 2700 Stellar Jades. Stellar Jades are a valuable in-game currency used for various purposes, such as purchasing items, unlocking features, or upgrading equipment.
  • Bonus Oneiric Shards: In addition to the daily Stellar Jades, players also receive a bonus of 300 Oneiric Shards upon purchasing the Express Supply Pass. Oneiric Shards can be converted into Stellar Jades, adding an extra 300 Stellar Jades to the total amount, bringing it to 3000 Stellar Jades. This conversion provides an additional boost to the overall value of the pass.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The Express Supply Pass is described as the “cheapest way” to accumulate Stellar Jades if you intend to spend money on the game. Compared to other in-game purchases or currency packs, the pass offers a substantial amount of Stellar Jades for its price. This makes it a cost-effective option for players who want to invest in the game’s economy.
  • Daily Logins: To make the most of the Express Supply Pass, it is recommended to log in and play the game every day. Since the pass grants daily rewards, regular logins ensure that players maximize the benefits and make the purchase worthwhile. If you have a consistent playing schedule and intend to engage with the game on a daily basis, the pass can be highly beneficial.

Purchasing Express Supply Pass for full Price in Honkai: Star Rail

To obtain Star Rail Passes in Honkai: Star Rail, players have three purchase options:

  • Single pass for 160 Stellar Jade (Unlimited use)
  • Single pass for 10 Starlight (Unlimited use)
  • Single pass for 150 Embers (One-time use)

Overall, acquiring Star Rail Passes is worthwhile in Honkai: Star Rail. While the system may seem complex at first, the more you play, the easier it becomes to understand, eventually feeling like second nature.

How to Purchase Express Supply Pass in a Cheaper Price

Most of the players accessing the game are connected to a European server by default. The retail price of the Express Supply Pass on the European Server is “$4.99. However, if you use a High Quality VPN, you can connect to a Japanese server and get it for a much lower price. This use of a High Quality VPN to change your location is a life hack, to get the pass in a cheaper price. We recommend using a High Quality VPN like ExpressVPN, as it is tested for privacy and security. Hence, it is a completely safe and secure method to get the pass for a cheaper price.

Which Type of VPN Would be Suitable?

A company, that places a high value on your privacy and takes it seriously. They have a strict privacy policy that ensures they do not store any logs of your online activity or connections.

A VPN that uses advanced server technology that erases all data whenever the server restarts, which enhances security. They also have a system in place to protect your device from harmful software and tracking applications. Furthermore, they have a program that rewards people who find security flaws in their products, showing their commitment to maintaining strong security measures.


Can I use a Free, Public VPN to Purchase The Express Supply Pass?

No, a Free or a Public VPN cannot be used to purchase The Express Supply Pass. It will instead get your account banned in some cases. We recommend using a High Quality VPN that has a proper definition for user privacy and data security, like ExpressVPN

Can I get the Express Supply Pass Cheaper all around the World using this Method?

Yes, you can get the Express Supply Pass Cheaper, all around the world. The only constraint is to use a High Quality, or a Paid VPN Service.

To Wrap it all Up

The Express Supply Pass grants players substantial benefits, including daily rewards of 90 Stellar Jades for 30 days and bonus Oneiric Shards that they can convert into Stellar Jades. Players regard it as a cost-effective option for accumulating Stellar Jades through in-game purchases. To maximize the pass’s advantages, it is advisable for players to log in regularly.

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